BizarroCon 2015: Bizarro is Spanish for Courageous

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Well, today’s my birthday and exactly two weeks ago I flew out to Portland again for the EIGHTH annual BizarroCon. It was huge, it was hilarious, and for a change I actually didn’t get sick. The Sunday after a convention I’m usually sick, but this time my physical form felt as vibrant and energized as my astral form. I then went Super Saiyan and destroyed Mount Hood. Here’s what else happened.


Found in the Edgefield bathroom. It made me miss my baby.

My wife dropped me off at the airport on Thursday and I wind up meeting another BizarroCon attendee (Nicholaus Patnaude) while waiting for the plane. Pretty cool. I read J. David Osborne’s story from the latest Bizarro Starter Kit on the plane. When we land Nicholaus and I hitch a ride with MP Johnson to Edgefield. As soon as I arrived I checked in and started seeing/hugging people. When I finally got a chance to check my phone I saw that I’d won a Facebook contest for the latest David James Keaton book (huge thanks to him and Max Booth). Running on coffee fumes, I spent Thursday evening talking to Alan Clarke about alcoholism and insanity, and then turned in early. I got a full night’s sleep, another BizarroCon first for me, and woke up early as hell for Friday.


Books I bought. You better buy them too.

On Friday I just hung out all day. I chilled with Adam Millard and John Wayne Communale. I chilled with Carlton Mellick III and Rose O’Keefe, my publisher. We made some crazy plans that I can’t talk about yet, but they’re important enough that I’m going to learn to Skype. I went to a highly informative workshop with Jeremy Robert Johnson, where we learned some intricate techniques on how to sling a book (it’s NOT all in the wrist, as I’d been told). Later I wound up chilling a lot with Karl Fischer and his wife, and also MP Johnson. Eventually I got to catch up with Jim Agpalza and we decided to make some insane plans for my next book. I even roped Nick Gucker into it as well, so two of my absolute favorite artists are going to be helping me create some really rad shit.


Rad shirt = rad shit

Friday night were readings, which were hilarious and entertaining as always. I talked with Bradley Sands about comics, and then found Sam McCanna of Skurvy Ink. He made an awesome shirt for The Night’s Neon Fangs. I bought a bunch and gave them away. Also they GLOW IN THE FREAKING DARK, and since we were in Portland and it was cloudy all weekend, they pretty much glowed all the time. I had a reading at some point, paired up with Scott “MULTI-CRABS” Cole. I read a tale told by an apocalyptic human-hating frog. Cameron Pierce (whose opinion I value quite a bit) told me it was great and that he wanted to read a manuscript of it. So there’s another story I’m going to be working on, hopefully with another frog reading at next year’s BizarroCon. More and more rad shit kept happening.


Some swag I got from Adam Millard, Laura Lee Bahr, Andrew Goldfarb, and a comic made by John Wayne Communale

And it ain’t even over yet. Saturday featured MORE readings (and also my favorite readings) by: Tiffany Scandal, Rio de la Luz, and Gabino Iglesias, all featured during the Broken River Books reading. Karl Fischer also destroyed the room during the NBAS reading. Later came the Wonderland Awards (winners: Violet LeVoit and MP Johnson) and the Ultimate Bizarro Showdown, where I once again pointed my finger at the crowd and yelled a bunch of stuff. I didn’t win the Showdown (Danger Slater did, because he’s entertaining as fuck). Both Pedro Proenca and Adam Millard shed their hair for our amusement, especially Adam who chose to wax his torso while reading to us. Later on, while I was boxing up books for Rose, I stole Adam’s showdown script, which he hardly got to read from because he was busy with his own agony. I feel like I own part of a legend now. My man Nick Gucker also won an art contest for his rendition of “Christmas Shark vs. Butthole Monster.” It was beautiful.


Instead of Nick’s beautiful art, here’s a picture of me sitting next to Kyle Muntz’s magical pink dildo on a stick

And then it was over. I ate breakfast on Sunday with Gabino, Andy de Fonseca, Robert Devereaux, and Lee Widener (who informed me that the great Fred Gwynne had written children’s books, which I must now have). Karl gave me a ride back to the airport and I paid him in cookies. While waiting to get through security, I met ANOTHER BizarroCon attendee, Lucas Mangum, who was carrying the Con sickness. I hugged him anyway. Now it’s all done, and I’m left to slog through the holiday season and most of 2016 until I can fly back and show these foolish humans the biological superiority of the frog. Viva la Amphibian.

New Bizarro Series Retrospective!

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I got my start in bizarro through the New Bizarro Author Series. It’s a testing ground for authors to see if they have what it takes to be one of us weird writers. Each year there are many new authors joining in, and often the experience helps them find where they want to be in the publishing world. There have been so many authors who went on to do so many different things that it bottles the mind.

This year there are NINE books in the New Bizarro Author Series. There have never been that many! That’s nine new authors getting ready to spend the year promoting their books and bizarro fiction in ways never before seen. Part of their plan is to interview all the writers who’ve taken part in the NBAS in the past, and since I was part of the first generation of NBAS, I got to be first. My good friend Karl Fischer is asking the questions in what I believe is my best interview to date. We talk about my new baby, a possible sequel to Carnageland, and magical tigers who leak colored ice cream, sort of like this:


Check out the interview here. Huge thanks to Karl and all of this year’s NBAS’ers. I’m rooting for each of you sick motherfuckers.

The Night’s Neon Fangs @ The Horror Fiction Review

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It’s Halloween season, which means it’s getting dark and dreary outside, but it’s also a great time to have my book reviewed by:


I’m beyond excited to be featured in The Horror Fiction Review. Huge thanks go out to Christine Morgan for the kind words, including words like: “Imaginative, horrific, quirky, gruesome, outrageous, crazy-seeming-random yet cohesive and well-designed believability of the unbelievable worldbuilding, and just basically huge amounts of weird fun.”

Read the whole review here.

Fungasm Press PRESALE PARTY!

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John Skipp’s awesome FUNGASM PRESS, is throwing down for the release of their second wave of books. That means getting the word out, raising some dough, and giving out tons of prizes and free books. The new wave consists of authors whose stories blew out the back of Skipp’s skull (no easy task), including Laura Lee Bahr, Autumn Christian, Danger Slater, and Devora Gray. It’s going to be huge. So huge that I hear there are chicks on facebook right now baring their ample cleavage to celebrate these books. Boobs and books.

Head here to find out more and help support Fungasm Press.

Talking Jatinga Birds on Surreal Sermons

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If you’re into podcasts, you’ll love this. Surreal Sermons, operated and hosted by my good friend Jeremy Maddux, is a great place for info and conversation about weird stuff. He talks about music, art, bizarro fiction, and has lots of great performances and readings. He even engages in deep investigative journalism, like in this episode where he talks to an actual bird about the Jatinga Bird phenomenon that happens every year in India. Fascinating stuff. Check it out here.

A Zone of Zombies: The Rezoning

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You may remember that a year ago I posted some fanart that I made for Game of Thrones. I used MSPaint to create zombie versions of some of the characters who’d died on the show. Last time I did Oberyn, Tywin, and Ned Stark. There were a lot of good deaths in season 5, but I wanted to reach back again into the previous seasons, namely to draw some of the great female characters on the show.

Here we have Mance Rayder, the first death of season 5.


Now here’s Catelyn Stark. I’m still holding out some hope that we’ll get a REAL zombie Catelyn on the show.


And finally, here’s Shae, the next-to-last death of season 4.


My reaction to the fifth season: freaking amazing! There are a lot of directions they could go, but I see Jon Snow coming back with some/much help from Melisandre. He gets rid of the betrayers and signs up the wildlings. Sansa and Reek go to the Wall and the Night’s Watch declares war on the Boltons. Brienne/Davos venture out to find Rickon/Osha. Tyrion runs Mereen like a champ. Dany gets taken by the khalasar, then takes OVER the khalasar. Cercei, now that we sympathize with her, becomes ten times as crazy with the death of her daughter. Giant henchman wreaks havoc. Littlefinger has a scheme that doesn’t fall on its face. Sam sees the Reach. Some stuff with Dorne.


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I’ve been reviewed three times now at Ain’t it Cool News and it still gives me the chills. THE NIGHT’S NEON FANGS has been read and reviewed by my good friend Mr. Pasty, and I can’t thank him enough for it. I feel so cool right now, like I’m Imaginary Elvis in True Romance.


Check out the review here


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