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It’s Wednesday, time to get barbwired. What’s happening for me? I just now submitted a short story to Death’s Head Press for their sci-fi anthology “Dark Stars.” I don’t know if I’ll get accepted. On one hand they asked me to send them a story. On the other hand, I sent them a story. It’s a bit short, and I waited until the last moment to send it, and who knows what the competition looks like, and sure, they freakin’ asked me to write them a story, but who knows? It might not be a good enough story.

Hopefully you’re starting to see how neurotic this whole writing shit is. It’s mind-fuckening. But seriously, I hope I get in. The Death’s Head guys are real good people.

Anyway, this will be a quick post because I’m about to leave work soon and I’m sick as a dog anyway. That episode of John Wayne Lied to You featuring John Wayne Comunale and myself is now free to listen! Head over and check it out. We talk about Jekyll Island and what sort of tourist trap turd it is. That was a crazy weekend, but at least we smoked lots of pot together.

Oh, and this is coming out soon. Bizarro prompts, featuring some of my weird ideas.


My face hurts. Its full of snot and self-doubt. Keep going, tiger. Okay, so my current publisher Excession Press is still searching for new books to publish. Do you write weird stuff? Do you have the fighting spirit to help a young press put a few much needed black eyes in the literary landscape? Good! Head over and submit something to Excession.


And hey, don’t forget to check out my current books, LASER HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIEand TATERSKINHEADS. I might have just sent an email to pull all of my other books from print. Of course I’m proud of all my work, but the Laser and Tater are the latest and greatest. Here’s what a trusted friend had to say about Laser House recently:

“In this book, a gang of outlaws goes for one last heist in a world that runs entirely on fandom. This raises questions of ownership throughout the story. Who owns the laser orb they plan to steal? Which member of the gang gets to keep it once it’s stolen? Do the outlaws own themselves? Do they belong to their fans or to some shadowy figure who has taken over their merchandising? Fortunately, these questions are not answered by some philosophical discussion but with lasers, laser-murder, and then more lasers.”

Pretty nice, and accurate as hell. Turns out there’s some thematic elements to my genre nonsense. Who knew?

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So I took a break from this here blog for the holidays. Mostly I dealt with family stuff, and this week its back to the grind of my day job and making plans for the upcoming year.  The real turning point between 2019 and 2020 for me was just a few days ago at Warner Robins Comic Con. With that show out of the way, I now have nothing officially booked. WRCC was a good con overall. I talked with some local friends, which is always nice, and a few of them are planning to have some more events in the coming months. I’ll probably be involved in those, so I guess my break from doing shows isn’t truly a break, but the plan is to use the next few months to work on more promotional projects and write my ass off. If all that goes well, I’ll actually be able to talk to you about what I’m writing. God forbid, you may get excited about it and make plans to read my stories.


Speaking of stories, I got my copy of the latest issue of Forbidden Futures. I really love this magazine and the guys who make it, and I’m trying to take some cues from them to make myself as badass as they are. It’s a gorgeous issue, and I’m incredibly proud to be in it. And soon, you’ll be able to buy THE OMNIBUS. That’s an entire collection of the first five issues. I’m missing a few of those, so you know I’ll be getting the omnibus. You should, too, along with the latest issue which has my story “The Insuperable Brute Gibson.”


And hey, speaking of Forbidden Futures, Cody Goodfellow, one of the mad geniuses behind its publication, was recently featured in Rue Morgue Magazine. Goodfellow is one of my literary heroes, which I have plenty of. Firstly, he writes like a son of a bitch and I’d cut off several toes to have his brainpower. Secondly, he actually knows who I am and isn’t put off by my goofy hillbilly ways. I daresay the man’s one of the nicest and coolest fellow writers I know, which is quite a compliment because most of us are self-absorbed douchebags. That’s what I have to say about Cody. Go to Rue Morgue and hear it from a more official source.


And even with all of this happening, there’s still some great news if you’re one of those self-absorbed douchebag writers. Excession Press (a publisher of fine fiction and a publisher of MY fine fiction) has just opened up for submissions. Head to their submissions page to see what they’re looking for and how to submit your work. I highly suggest working with Excession. They’re a new press striking out into the wilderness of indie books. They need good books to sell and good writers to write them. Plus they’re excellent people who have been a pleasure to work with. I’ve been strung along, bullshitted, and ignored by the best of ‘em, so…

God damn, I’m depressed. About the only thing keeping me going these days is pro wrestling and anime. Nobody else in my house enjoys these things, or reads my work. Somehow I’ve become MORE of a dork in recent years. Anyway, it’s in moments like these that I think about talking more about that sort of stuff (stuff I like, think, and feel). Probably I will in the future, since this here blog will be in constant need of content and we can’t always talk about “the work”. Or maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll just list things out every week and post it all here like soundbites. Maybe that’d be a good format. Definitely it’s better than scrolling though social media. Fuck that place and every bit of awards ceremony commentary on it. Alright, good talk. Till next time.

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Welcome back! I’m going to make this a quick episode of Barbwired because it’s Christmas time (which also means it’s a great time to buy LASER HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE for yourself or as a gift). Things got busy and I wasn’t able to post last week, so here’s what I’ve been up to.


The weekend before last was Jekyll and Hyde Con, a comic/horror con down in Jekyll Island, GA. I was joined by one of my stalwart road companions, John Wayne Comunale, and as usual we had a good time just hanging out and talking shit. Unfortunately, the con itself wasn’t much to talk about. The gigantic room we were in was only filled about a third of the way with vendors and artists. I sold a decent amount of books. I don’t know if John Wayne did, but this was a very nerdy show with lots of nerdy customers, so it was a bit more my crowd than his. He still sang songs for people while I danced with some toddlers in the booth next to ours. We recorded a podcast episode as well, and you can hear it if you’re a member of his Patreon.

Next weekend will be my last convention for a while. Warner Robins Comic Con will be held Sunday, January 5th at the Warner Robins Courtyard Marriot. Come see me and buy a book for the new year. And I’ll also have some new art available, because my giveaway LAZERCRATE has been completed. Huge thanks to those who bought a copy of Laser House and earned that kickass box of stuff. I’m most proud of these Sexy Jeph posters. I’m hoping to put this image on t-shirts in the future.


Like I said, no more cons for a while (unless something very local pops up), but being on the internet is free, so this here blog will keep trucking along, reporting on the short stories and novellas I plan on writing over the next six months. More info on those projects soon. Till then, spend some of that Christmas money on this guy right here.

Barbwired 003

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Last weekend I ventured out to the Purple Panda Arcade (RIP) for their “Nerdy Santa” event in the Galleria Mall. The arcade is closing, which is really sad because they have a great atmosphere and a ton of really cool games. I spent half of my time selling books and talking to fellow artists and the other half playing games like Asura Blade and COWboys of Moo Mesa. Good times. So let’s do a quick recap so I can get back to the dull drudgery of not playing arcade games…

78917644_10218214165339136_8249706670293254144_oWhen your friend signs his book to you in really nice, elegant script, make sure you sign your book for him like this.
bookBooks are your best friend. Literally.
bacAlways bring pocket bacon.
And finally…
Behold the new Sexy Jeph poster! Gorgeous! Huge thanks to my friend Chris Garrett for doing this piece. He’s always creating artwork based on geek properties, and now he’s made something based on MY geek property, which is pretty damn cool. I’m printing this poster (and the extremely adorable WANTED poster) to include in my LAZERCRATE giveaway, which will be flying out the door very soon. Go buy a copy of Laser House on the Prairie from the Excession Press store to be automatically signed up to receive a whole box full of cool stuff.

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Howdy. Quick reminder that this weekend I’ll be at the Purple Panda in the Galleria Mall, playing video games, to be sure, but more importantly, selling books. Stop by sometime this weekend and support some Central Georgia artists! Now that that reminder is done, here’s another:


That’s right, LAZERCRATE is still going on, and you can get signed up for a special Christmas gift directly from me just by buying a copy of Laser House from Excession Press’ store. You’ll be supporting me, my book, and especially my publisher. Maybe you want to stick it to Amazon by purchasing directly from the source. Maybe you want to help some scrappy entrepreneurs at the head of a young publishing company. Maybe you like free stuff made by the artist himself. No matter your reasons, buy a copy and sign up.

This weekend is sure to be fun, so I’ll likely have much more content for this here blog next week. Especially since I”ll be preparing for yet another show the weekend after.


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Yup, that’s the name now. All my blog posts will be called Barbwired with a number on it. Now that that’s decided I can go back to living my life. You’ll never know how much time and thought goes into decisions like these. It’d be funny if it weren’t a bunch of other things as well.


Whoa! Look at that lineup! Next weekend at the Galleria Mall, come check us out. I’ll have tons of copies of Taterskinheads and Laser House on the Prairie for sale. Maybe more stuff, too. And now something I’m especially proud of:


Last spring I got a text from one of my hero writers asking me to submit a story for Forbidden Futures. The theme was pulp sci-fi (right up my alley) and he showed me a few very cool paintings by Mike Dubisch. They were all beautiful, and I chose the one with monkeys, eventually spawning a little story that I called “The Insuperable Brute Gibson.” It’s like Flash Gordon meets Gorilla Grodd, and it was accepted with a hearty “Fuck Yeah!” (literally). Forbidden Futures is one of the coolest venues for weird stuff on the market, and I can truly say that I’m honored to be part of it.

You can order Issue 6 at FORBIDDEN FUTURES, and it’ll ship on December 15th. P.S. if you have copies of Issues 1, 2, or 3, please consider allowing me to buy them from you. Thanks.

And speaking of buying, remember that you can still head to EXCESSION PRESS’ store to buy a copy of Laser House on the Prairie. When you buy it from there, you’ll be automatically enrolled in my latest giveaway extravaganza:


bookmarks, posters, comics, dvds, glow-in-the-dark toys, all of it packed into a box and shipped straight to you in time for Christmas (also stay tuned for more artwork that’ll be included). The shopping season is just about upon us, so get something special and extra when you buy my already-pretty-special-and-extra book.

Congrats on your Wundy

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Yesterday was my birthday… along with the Wonderland Awards ceremony! And I’m very very excited that two very very talented authors won awards for my birthday. In their honor, I’d like to do my small part to boost their now-award-winning books.

BEST NOVEL: Coyote Songs by Gabino Iglesias

BEST COLLECTION: Nightmares in Ecstasy by Brendan Vidito

Image result for brendan vidito

But that’s not all, of course. Gabino and Brendan deserve a lot for the hard work they’ve put into their respective books. Hell, they deserve awards. And now that they have them, I’m free to remind you that when you buy a copy of my book through Excession Press’ store, you’ll be automatically signed up to receive a special giftbox just in time for Christmas, a box that I’m calling…


…Just sayin’. Congrats to both Gabino and Brendan, and thanks to both of them for letting me use their massive success to push my own little hustle.