Fungasm Press PRESALE PARTY!

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John Skipp’s awesome FUNGASM PRESS, is throwing down for the release of their second wave of books. That means getting the word out, raising some dough, and giving out tons of prizes and free books. The new wave consists of authors whose stories blew out the back of Skipp’s skull (no easy task), including Laura Lee Bahr, Autumn Christian, Danger Slater, and Devora Gray. It’s going to be huge. So huge that I hear there are chicks on facebook right now baring their ample cleavage to celebrate these books. Boobs and books.

Head here to find out more and help support Fungasm Press.

Talking Jatinga Birds on Surreal Sermons

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If you’re into podcasts, you’ll love this. Surreal Sermons, operated and hosted by my good friend Jeremy Maddux, is a great place for info and conversation about weird stuff. He talks about music, art, bizarro fiction, and has lots of great performances and readings. He even engages in deep investigative journalism, like in this episode where he talks to an actual bird about the Jatinga Bird phenomenon that happens every year in India. Fascinating stuff. Check it out here.

A Zone of Zombies: The Rezoning

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You may remember that a year ago I posted some fanart that I made for Game of Thrones. I used MSPaint to create zombie versions of some of the characters who’d died on the show. Last time I did Oberyn, Tywin, and Ned Stark. There were a lot of good deaths in season 5, but I wanted to reach back again into the previous seasons, namely to draw some of the great female characters on the show.

Here we have Mance Rayder, the first death of season 5.


Now here’s Catelyn Stark. I’m still holding out some hope that we’ll get a REAL zombie Catelyn on the show.


And finally, here’s Shae, the next-to-last death of season 4.


My reaction to the fifth season: freaking amazing! There are a lot of directions they could go, but I see Jon Snow coming back with some/much help from Melisandre. He gets rid of the betrayers and signs up the wildlings. Sansa and Reek go to the Wall and the Night’s Watch declares war on the Boltons. Brienne/Davos venture out to find Rickon/Osha. Tyrion runs Mereen like a champ. Dany gets taken by the khalasar, then takes OVER the khalasar. Cercei, now that we sympathize with her, becomes ten times as crazy with the death of her daughter. Giant henchman wreaks havoc. Littlefinger has a scheme that doesn’t fall on its face. Sam sees the Reach. Some stuff with Dorne.


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I’ve been reviewed three times now at Ain’t it Cool News and it still gives me the chills. THE NIGHT’S NEON FANGS has been read and reviewed by my good friend Mr. Pasty, and I can’t thank him enough for it. I feel so cool right now, like I’m Imaginary Elvis in True Romance.


Check out the review here


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Imagine a mountain. It’s made out of mashed potatoes, because it’s a weird mountain. And every so often ten faces are carved into this mashed potato mountain and smothered in color-coded gravy. That’s what just happened to me, because I’m in the current Bizarro Starter Kit.


The Starter Kits are one of those things that I love about the bizarro genre. They’re compilations of ten bizarro authors, containing novellas, short stories, poetry, or even comic strips, representing various flavors of weirdness. So you get a real taste of the current crop of bizarro at an extremely reasonable price in an extremely cool and unique format.

This is the fourth Starter Kit, the Red one. It includes work from amazing people like Brian Allen Carr, Violet LeVoit, Shane McKenzie, J. David Osborne, Kirsten Alene, Robert Devereaux, Douglas Hackle, Eric Hendrixson, and Nick Antosca. That’s an insane list of talent right there, and I’m ecstatic to be included, especially since there are a ton of great weird writers on the scene these days. I feel like someone took the time to carve my smirking face into a mountain along with all of these other great people and then covered us all in red-gravy-that-might-also-be-blood.

Check out the Bizarro Starter Kit (Red) at Amazon.

Interview @ 13 Visions

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Scott Cole, a super swell fellow and totally not a phantom limb molester, has interviewed me over at his website. Huge thanks to him for asking me some questions. Check out Scott’s site while you’re there. He’s featured in the current New Bizarro Author Series and his book is called Superghost. It’s one of the more interesting books to come out of that series lately, so give that a read so Scott can keep writing bizarro books and keep interviewing weirdos like me.

He actually plans to do that anyway. This interview is the first of a series he’s doing with a bunch of weird writers. Still, that’s no excuse not to read his awesome book.

Check out the interview here.

Barbee and Bizarro @ World Horror Con

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World Horror Con was held about two weeks ago, and since I can’t afford a plane ticket right now, it was nice of them to hold it in Atlanta so that I could just drive up for a day. I’ve been going to more conventions lately, and this one was a great experience, full of new people in a hotel that looks like an alien spaceship. Because I have a baby, I could only dedicate one day to the con, but what a day it was.


That’s me at the Mass Author Signing with John Skipp and Scott Cole. Both are really cool guys and I had a shitload of fun hanging out with both of them. Sharing our bizarro table (but unseen here) were Adam Cesare, Brian Killian, Erik Williams, and Ryan Harding. Look up all these people and read their fucked up books! Speaking of that, I met the nicest person in the world, Molly Tanzer (author of Vermillion) and the coolest person in the world, Josh Malerman (author of Bird Box). They both bought my book, The Night’s Neon Fangs, because they are nice cool people. Make sure you check out their stuff, also.


I also got to man the Eraserhead/Deadite table and sell books. That was awesome. I talked to the guy manning the Samhain table next to mine, ate some gourmet bologna, and took a nap on Brian Keene’s The Rising.


And I met Daniel Knauf, creator of Carnivale (one of my favorite cancelled-too-soon TV shows). That motherfucker is crazy, and not just because he hugs and kisses Jeff Burk. I got to compliment his dashing good looks and watch him do some verbal sparring with some Atlanta riffraff, because that motherfucker is classy as well as crazy.


I signed books, I talked on a panel, I met a ton of great people. Now it’s almost closing time at my job and I have to get off the computer, so gigantic thanks to World Horror Con and all the authors I met. I had a great time and I love every deranged one of you.


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