Con Report: Monsteramacon ’16

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It’s time to report on my latest convention visit! Two weekends ago I attended Atlanta’s MONSTERAMACON. I’ve been incorporating more cons into my schedule because they’re not just a great way to meet people and sell books, but I actually enjoy them. I love seeing weird people in weird costumes. I love all the crazy shit that other vendors are hawking. I love when people come to my table and see a bizarro book for the first time. Most of all I love selling some damn books.

But this trip wasn’t all fun and games. While I’m happy to report that I sold enough books and even enjoyed myself, this convention was defined for me by some real roller-coaster-of-emotions shit. Before Monsterama I hadn’t been to a con in almost a year, and leading up to that weekend I was feeling a lot of depression and generalized terror. Part of it was social anxiety, but it was also a week where things were just going wrong on every front. Even Donald Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” tape leaked the day before the con, like a bad omen. I seriously felt like I was scheduled to have a plane fall out of the sky and crash into the exact spot I was standing in.

Of course, I’m still here. Everything turned out fine. I made it to the con safely, I sold some books, talked to some fellow nerds, and met a very young girl who kept begging her grandpa for a Chucky doll. It was a really good time for nine straight hours of sitting at a table. As usual, it was never as bad as I felt it was. The depression and anxiety sort of built themselves up that week only to come toppling down as soon as I threw myself out into the world. That’s the feeling I was left with after this con. In spite of all my instincts, a plane didn’t fall out of the sky and hit me.


This is the only picture I took of the con. I sat directly beneath it. It was ominous and beautiful at the same time, like the eye of Robo-God. I’ve always gotten this sense of dread before I do anything big, but this time it was especially hard. I hope, as I attend more conventions in the future, that this feeling dissipates so that I can start stressing about even bigger plans. Because I don’t think the stress ever goes away. You just overcome it and then move on to the next thing that terrifies you.

The Night’s Neon Fangs @ Box of Bizarro

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Lately, all of my focus has been on my next book, Bacon Fried Bastard. I’ve been busy with edits, promotional art, lining up con appearances, and trying to get people on board with a drunk pig monster. But during all that, William Box brought a little attention to my previous book, The Night’s Neon Fangs. He was kind enough to write a quick review over at his blog.

He says, “The Night’s Neon Fangs, in its entirety, is entertaining and cohesive. It is hard to find a werewolf, western, detective, or biblical story that hasn’t been written the same exact way a hundred times. David W. Barbie creates worlds within your favorite genres that will change the way you view…well, everything.” Thanks, Mr. Box. Head over to Box of Bizarro to check out the review.

Bacon Fried Bastard: THE POSTER

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I’m VERY happy to announce that my next book has a promotional poster that’s as gorgeous and gruesome as the book itself. I’ve had a vision of floating crocodiles since I was a kid, and with Bacon Fried Bastard I finally had the junglepunk setting to feature them in a story. And as the scaly icing on the reptillian cake, I contacted Nick “The Hat” Gucker to create a poster that would visualize this monstrosity. As always he did a bang up job.


Now I just have to get this righteous poster (and the book it’s based on) to the printer. Huge thanks to the talented Mr. Gucker. Bacon Fried Bastard will be coming soon…

A Zone of Zombies, Season 6

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Ah, it’s that time of year again. The time for dead characters from a TV show rendered in MSPaint, the most glorious of artistic mediums. I couldn’t start this season’s batch until halfway through the season because I had editing to do on my next book, but somehow I finished just in time for Hodor’s big scene. I also did Stannis, just because I’m a fan of the character, and Ramsey, whose death on last night’s episode was one of the most satisfying ever.



(Note: we never saw Stannis die, so he has to tell you he’s dead)


Prelim Voting for the 2015 Wonderland Book Award

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I’ve just sent in my top three books in the Novel and Collection categories. You can vote by emailing your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd votes to with the subject line “Wonderland Book Award Preliminary Ballot.” Preliminary voting ends August 1st. The top books in this round of voting will be the nominees for this year’s Wonderland Award. I have to mention that my latest book is on this list, but there are a ton of great books to choose from. The final vote is for BizarroCon attendees only, but this ballot is open to the public. So vote!


Best Novel
A God of Hungry Walls by Garrett Cook
Animal Money by Michael Cisco
Arachnophile by Betty Rocksteady
As She Stabbed Me Gently in the Face by Carlton Mellick III
Benjamin by Pedro Proenca
Biomelt by Carlton Mellick III
Boiled Americans by Michael Allen Rose
Cattle Cult Kill Kill by MP Johnson
Clownfellas by Carlton Mellick III
Domo ArigaDIE!!! by Jamie Grefe
Elephant Vice by Chris Meekings
Everyone Gets Eaten by Ben Brooks
Jigsaw Youth by Tiffany Scandal
King Space Void by Anthony Trevino
Live Bait by Cameron Pierce
Pixiegate Madoka by Michael Sean LeSueur
Rainbows Suck by Madeleine Swann
Ritualistic Human Sacrifice by C.V. Hunt
Rock ‘N’ Roll Headcase by Lee Widener
Scary People by Kyle Muntz
Sick Pack by MP Johnson
Skullcrack City by Jeremy Robert Johnson
Slasher Camp for Nerd Dorks by Christoph Paul
Texas Chainsaw Mantis by Kevin Strange
The Bohemian Guide to Monogamy by Andrew Armacost
The Book of Adventures by Gregory Bouthiette
The Lost Level by Brian Keene
Towers by Karl Fischer
White City by Seb Doubinsky
X’s for Eyes by Laird Barron
Zero Saints by Gabino Iglesias

Best Collection
Amazing Punk Stories by David Agranoff
Battle Without Honor or Humanity: Volume 1 by D. Harlan Wilson
Beautiful Madness by S.T. Cartledge
Midnight Earwig Buffet by Andrew Goldfarb
Our Love Will Go the Way of the Salmon by Cameron Pierce
Rules of Appropriate Conduct by Kirsten Alene
Stealing Propeller Hats from the Dead by David James Keaton
Strategies Against Nature by Cody Goodfellow
The Art of Horrible People by John Skipp
The Night’s Neon Fangs by David Barbee
The Pulse Between Dimensions and the Desert by Rios de la Luz
The Underside of the Rainbow by B.E. Burkhead
Wet and Screaming by Shane McKenzie
You Might Just Make It Out of This Alive by Garrett Cook

Bacon Fried Bastard Character Art

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My next novel is called BACON FRIED BASTARD. I won’t tell you anything about it yet, but I will totally show you these character portraits made by my good friend and even greater talent, Jim Agpalza.




#2 Cyborg

I’m keeping mum about the book’s details, but I think you almost get what the story’s about just through these portraits. Gigantic thanks to Jim again (you can buy his art in all sorts of formats on Redbubble like I do, or hit up I’m thinking of making these portraits into trading cards or stickers, but I’m not sure yet. Open to suggestions!

The Night’s Neon Fangs @ Dead End Follies

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Dead End Follies is a great review site that covers a wide range of subjects and has lately taken an interest in bizarro fiction. The editor, Benoit, was kind enough to review The Night’s Neon Fangs and I really liked what he had to say.

“The Night’s Neon Fangs is an enigma shrouded in colorful candy wrapper with a fleeting and intangible meaning… It’s bleak, but it’s oddly deep and moving.”

Thanks to Dead End Follies for this review, which you can check out here.