Sexy Jeph is the cutest

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I have a few events lined up for the future. Might as well let you know about them now:

DEC 1–Nerdy Santa at the Purple Panda arcade, located at the Galleria Mall in Warner Robins. I plan to play as many games as I can between book sales.

DEC 14–Jekyll and Hyde Con on Jekyll Island, GA. This one will be huge and I’ll be tabling with my good friend John Wayne Comunale. Good times.

JAN 5–Warner Robins Comic Con, located at the Warner Robins Courtyard Marriot. This one has become my favorite local con.

By the time January gets here I’ll hopefully be signed up for more stuff. Booking myself is a constant struggle. I’m also busy organizing the upcoming LAZERCRATE giveaway, and I want to make everyone aware of every new piece of merchandise up for grabs. The first piece is this wanted poster for the protagonist of Laser House, the deadly purple-clad pacifist in an ugly hat known as Sexy Jeph:


Damn, that’s cute! Huge thanks to Whitney Fischer (and Excession Press) for making this. I plan to put it on postcards or bookmarks or whatever strikes my fancy. Suggestions would be considered. Until then, remember that you can get your own Lazercrate in time for Christmas just by ordering a copy of Laser House on the Prairie from

Buy Laser House and get…

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Did somebody say deal? Like CHRISTMAS deal? That’s right, starting NOW NOW NOW you can win a whole box of assorted gifts, artwork, and various glow-in-the-dark swag when you buy a copy of Laser House on the Prairie. We’re calling this box…


Here’s how it works. You head over to Excession Press’ website, go to the Titles section, and select Laser House on the Prairie for purchase. The price there is a bit less than the other venues, and most importantly, it does a small press a lot of good to get direct orders from readers. It’ll do you a lot of good, too, because you’ll get a…


Is that really all you have to do? Yep. Just buy the book through Excession Press and we do all the work. You’ll receive your book very soon after ordering, and you’ll receive your LazerCrate in time for Christmas. What is LazerCrate? Perhaps you remember when I sent out TaterCrates for my previous book Taterskinheads. This is a lot like that, only its…


So when you go to and purchase a copy of Laser House on the Prairie, you’ll automatically be registered to receive one LazerCrate full of promotional items. We’re talking posters, statues, movies, party favors, probably some candy, too. Who knows what I’ll throw in there in the spirit of giving. Giving what? Giving…


So head to and order your copy of Laser House. You’ll help support a small publisher of quality weird fiction, you’ll receive my book, and you’ll receive a ton of cool specialized stuff. Personally, I love running deals like this because I love getting deals like this from my favorite authors/artists. Hop on board, get a copy of Laser House on the Prairie, and then wait for Santa to deliver your…


Conzilla ’19 Report

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Alright, it’s Tuesday, time to report on my convention activity for the weekend. This blog needs content and it still doesn’t have an official name.


Saturday I drove down to Columbus, GA for Conzilla, the first con of its kind held in Columbus. It was a great show. It was held in an old iron works factory that now serves as the city’s convention center. It was a nice building with tons of axles, gears, tumblers, and wheels, all of them built into the walls and ceilings or just displayed like art. It was pretty damn cool.


I liked Columbus. It’s Georgia with a little Alabama mixed in (for instance, the strip clubs are right out there on the street). But I only got to see the city on my way in and out. I mostly stayed in the convention center, where I was treated to a parade of some of the best cosplayers I’ve ever seen. There was a very good Green Power Ranger (he did all the poses and moves very well), an Ashe Williams with an actual missing hand, and an extremely beautiful woman wearing a spot-fucking-on Gamora costume (who also had great taste, as she bought one of my books for her son). Power Ranger and Ashe placed 2nd and 3rd in the costume contest, which was won by some guy dressed as Batman with a fancy helmet. Gamora got robbed.


Those are some serial killers I got from a friend at the show named Chris Garrett. He’s done a few other local events with me and I’m thinking he’ll be creating some cool Laser House on the Prairie art in the near future. Finally, I spent the evening driving back home through the backwoods of Georgia in deer season. This isn’t anything I haven’t done before, but this time the lights on my car started going out, leaving me with only one headlight, one break light, and no dash lights whatsoever. Pretty spooky, but also fun since I didn’t hit any deer.

I’ve lined up a few more events for the rest of the year. In December I’ll be at the Purple Panda arcade in Warner Robins and at Jekyll and Hyde Con in Jekyll Island. I also just signed up for Warner Robins Comic Con and hopefully I’ll hear back from them soon. They put on a good show. Beyond that, stay tuned later this week for my announcement on a little giveaway opportunity that I’m calling… LAZERCRATE (think of it as the sequel to my last giveaway, TATERCRATE).

Reading chores and convention prep

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Another week’s gone by and I need to come up with a title for these blog posts. I plan to do more than one a week, but I also need a snazzy name for it so I can just number these blog posts instead of coming up with titles. Maybe Barbwire something something something.


In October I put off a lot of my scheduled reading to help some friends out by reading their work. The first was All Hail the House Gods by Andrew James Stone. It reminded me a lot of early bizarro books, especially by Kevin Donihe. That’s only partially because its about carnivorous houses. You can read my review of it over on the Amazon page. AJ’s a good guy and he’s racked up a lot of credibility in the bizarro scene. Plus he wrote a damned good book here. As soon as I was done with that, I got a chance to read S.T. Cartledge’s upcoming Cherry Blossom Eyes. I can’t post my review yet since the book hasn’t been released yet, but it will be up on the Amazon page next week. But you can go there and preorder Cherry Blossom Eyes. It’s a lot like Cartledge’s other weird books. He’s managed to build himself an identity as a poetic-colorful-anime-style-surrealist writer. He does weird fantasy like no one else, and his books are packed with emotion and catharsis. I recommend him.


This very weekend I’ll be heading over to Columbus, GA for CONZILLA, one of the best-named conventions around. I love going to cons, especially comic cons, and I’m very excited for this one. With my kids starting school, these sorts of one-day cons are now juicy opportunities. I don’t have to spend money on hotels or living expenses, so it’s mostly an endurance test with lots of driving bookending about ten hours camped out at my table. When I start planning out my 2020 con schedule, I hope to land more cons like this one. My friend Chris Garrett (of Georgia Ghostbusters fame) will also be there. If you’re in the Columbus area, come see us.


And finally, a teaser: next week I will announce a special giveaway for my latest book, LASER HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE. The book’s a little over six months old, which is ancient in indie book world, but for the holiday season I want to do something special to pump up interest again. Details will be coming soon, but it will be similar to my previous giveaway, which basically means tons of free stuff for you when you buy Laser House. More details soon. Until then, barbwire something something something.

Report: Books & Brews 2019

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I took a few days off of social media before getting back into it yesterday, and I’ve gotta say, diving back in was hard. I kept putting it off. Despite needing to use it to contact certain people and promote what was happening, I was pretty unenthused about it. Sure, social media is toxic and exhausting, but mostly I want to restructure my online activity, mainly by using this here blog more often. I’ll still be on social media, of course (it’s a necessary evil), but from here on out I’m going to try updating this blog on a regular weekly schedule. So without further ado…


I did a reading this weekend! Lately I’ve fallen in with some local Central Georgia authors and together we created BOOKS & BREWS, a fun event where we all read stories and sell our books. Just Tap’d (located in beautiful downtown Macon, GA) hosted the event and they were incredibly good to us. It rained, and there was a kid’s birthday party (in a bar, I know, it was weird), but even with those obstacles I think we did a great job.


We had writers, artists, poets, all banded together to help one another out based on our geography. The event featured myself, Carol James Marshall, RC Qualls, Elliot Cooper, Kari Holloway, A.D. Estratto, and Chris Garrett. I got to hang out with many of these creative weirdos, mostly talking about movies we hate. Special thanks has to be given to Carol James Marshall for organizing all of it with the crew at Just Tap’d. We’re hoping to do another reading/signing there again in February. Future plans: I’ll be at Conzilla next weekend (so will Chris Garrett!) and we’re hoping to do something at the Purple Panda arcade again. Plus there was talk of me appearing on someone’s podcast. So, overall, a very productive night. I also did a reading/performance, but apparently I cannot attach it here without upgrading my WordPress. To upgrade or not? Or to just post that video to my social media accounts? Like I said, necessary evil. I ain’t made of money here.

Peace out for now.

Books and Brews in Macon, GA!

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BIG NEWS! This weekend LASER HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE makes its live debut in Macon, GA at Just Tap’d! This Saturday (October 19th) from 6 to 9 pm, myself and a whole slew of local writers, poets, and artists will take over Just Tap’d for readings, signings, and other writer shenanigans. Featuring the talents of: Raymond Christopher Qualls, Kari Holloway, Chris Garrett, Carol James Marshall, Amber Miller, Elliot Cooper, and myself. If you’re especially interested in hearing my nerdy nonsense, I’ll be on at 7:50 on the dot.


Strangely enough, despite learning the ropes with the bizarro crowd in Portland, OR, this will be my first author event at a bar. I hope to do a lot more of these local events in the future. I’ve done a few so far this year and they rule. We’re slowly building a strong collective of central Georgia creators with a wide variety of interests.

Laser House & Me @ Ze Burns’ blog

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Ze Burns was kind enough to feature LASER HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE on his blog, where he compliments the world-building and says I’m like no other bizarro author he’s read. Huge thanks to Ze for the review, which you can read HERE

DWB photo

But that’s not all! I also did an interview for Ze, so head back to his blog to hear about my writerly origins, my thoughts on geek culture, and some hints about what’s to come next.