Review of Naked Metamorphosis

I’ll start this review by saying this: You don’t have to be a fan of Shakespeare, Kafka, or Burroughs to like this book. So now you have no excuse not to read this book, because it’s pretty fantastic.

Naked Metamorphosis is something like a sequel to Hamlet. Only Hamlet has become a drug-addled lunatic completely incapable of taking care of himself. Enter his best friend and loyal servant, Horatio. Horatio is tasked with keeping Hamlet out of trouble, which proves nearly impossible. He also has to navigate the melodrama and political schemes of the supporting cast, who are assorted buffoons, killers, and madmen themselves. It’s Shakespearean drama amped up on amphetamines, a swirling circus of characters and conflict just like something the Bard would’ve written.

But I consider this book very bizarro because it’s not just “weird Shakespeare.” Eric Mays has carefully crafted something with multiple layers and dimensions. The writing is clean, crisp, and concise. While the plot is a tangled web and half of the characters are mad, Mays tells the story with a clear voice. Much like Horatio, you’ll feel like the calm center of the storm. The reader feels like they’re watching a play unfold before them, a grand spectacle that may or may not be real.

By the end, you will be sucked into the insanity just like Horatio. You will question what is real and what is not. Naked Metamorphosis is a short read, but it packs a mighty punch. It’s intelligent but it makes sure not to take itself too seriously. The end result is something hugely unique and enjoyable. Eric Mays has written one of the most literary bizarro books I’ve ever read, and I look forward to reading more from him. If, that is, I’m not just a figment of his imagination.

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  1. I googled “weird wallpapers” and found that. The faces had hawks growing out of their foreheads, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get all that on there. Glad you liked it and sorry it took so long to get my review up!

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