Buy Carnageland and Get Free Stuff

Y’know what everybody likes?  FREE BIZARRO STUFF!  And now, for a limited time, when you buy Carnageland, you get very awesome free stuff from me, bizarro author David W Barbee.

This free bizarro package includes:

1)      The kick-ass CD “Invader Jamz” featuring lots of mind-bending space-music!  You’ll be tripping balls as billions of alien invaders attack you from the swirling nexus of what you once called your own mind!

2)      A Carnageland mini-comic featuring Invader 898 versus the Genie of the Lamp!  Can a little green man and his Doomshooter possibly overcome a being with near-godlike power? 


And that’s not all!  You’ll also be entered into a drawing for your very own miniature bizarro alien! (pictured).  That’s right!  Impire has opened their Intergalactic Wildlife Files to give you a glimpse into the strangest menagerie that the cosmos has to offer!  Each unique and one-of-a-kind alien is hand-crafted and comes with its own trading card to enlighten you on the history of your alien’s existence as an Imperial Asset.  There aren’t many of these weird critters, so make sure you sign up ASAP!

So what do you have to do to get some of this bad-ass and TOTALLY FREE merchandise?  It’s simple: first buy Carnageland at  Then send me, David W Barbee, an email ( with your mailing information.  Afterwards your new bizarro swag will be delivered right to your doorstep.  It’s that simple.

Sign up and start 2010 off right!  Buy Carnageland here:


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