Carnageland @ Withersin Magazine

Folks, it’s been a busy week for Carnageland.  Here’s what Withersin had to say about my book:

“The fiction of D.W. Barbee is Bizarro at its most Mephistophelian. D.W. Barbee is the college roommate who argues that you can go to class anytime but the Sega Genesis in the common room is free NOW, he is the voice in your head that says that five sit-ups will burn off a chicken parmesan sandwich with bacon, the little gnome on your shoulder that says “invest your tax refund…in cartoons and gourmet cheeseburgers!” D.W. Barbee might be the reason you had to take your phone off the hook to avoid creditors. As if these devious Captain Crunch powered id monkeys didn’t have enough authority over us, Barbee’s new book Carnageland outfits them with flying saucers and ray guns.

        The book’s protagonist, Invader 898 is a ruthless, humorless, ultra-efficient living weapon. He is immune to temptation and guile and his Doomshooter is capable of firing practically anything. But when he comes into contact with the ludicrous and mysterious art of magic…he continues to kick ass. Mythical being after mythical being is devastated by dispassionate ray gun fire and a hearty dose of common sense as 898 cuts a fantastic swathe through the gay ass world of fantasy literature, a world that has ten simpering Harry Potters for every one slaughteriffic Elric or Conan. But, as he draws nearer to the end of his goal he discovers…that the residents of the planet are still fucking stupid and deserve to die. How can you not love this? There is no learning, there is no technology versus magic argument; only senseless slaughter of wacky, namby-pamby adversaries. All hail the Captain Crunch powered id monkey! Its fun, its violent; it rots your brain. In other words, buy it now.”

I like that review!  Get Carnageland here and let your freak flag fly:


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