Review: Piecemeal June

Jordan Krall’s Piecemeal June is a kaleidoscope of hot wet perversion.  But at the end of the day it’s actually a romance.  This is a hard balancing act, but Krall pulls it off.  He packs every scene with gaudy sex toys, flowing bodily fluids, and bloody body parts, but Piecemeal June always has a heart.

The story involves Kevin, your average nice guy who’s also a bit of a pervert.  His cat starts bringing him sweaty latex body parts, and before he knows it, Kevin has built himself a living sex doll that calls herself June.  But as usual, it’s not that simple.  There are a few shady pornographers out to reclaim June for themselves, and Kevin’s a dead man if he gets in their way.  Too bad he doesn’t know they’re coming.

Then there’s the parallel dimension of perverted body-horror.  That’s where June came from, sort of.  And the leader of that world still loves June… sort of.  So when he finds out she’s alive (sort of) he joins the chase to get her back.  All these weird and perverted characters are trying to catch up to Kevin and June, and of course Kevin couldn’t be more oblivious.  He’s the average Joe who’s caught up in a tangled web that spans dimensions.

Piecemeal June isn’t as polished as Krall’s later work, but it’s still an impressive debut from one of bizarro’s most deviant weirdos.  Along with his classic pulp sensibilities, Jordan Krall has a strong mind for describing tastes and smells.  The result is a story that’s foul yet sweet, stomach-churning yet heartwarming.  You’ll be simultaneously attracted and repulsed.

Get Piecemeal June here:


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