Unknown Hinson

Friday night I went to see Unknown Hinson at the Hummingbird in Macon, GA.  You already know Unknown as the voice of Early Cuyler on the genius Adult Swim cartoon “Squidbillies”, but he’s also the best damn country/western troubador in the whole sumbitchin’ world.  My face is still melted off to prove it.  If you don’t know about Unknown Hinson, he’s a weird breed of psychobilly that’s been kicking ass all across the South for years.  If Johnny Cash fucked Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (and who’s to say he didn’t), Unknown would be their demented, evil, boozin’ offspring.

So let me be the one to tell you, Unknown Hinson fucking ROCKED.  He plays his electric guitar with hellacious intentions and has one of the best voices ever.  He rocked the place until my wife and I tapped out and left early.  We just couldn’t keep up.  Still, I love Unknown Hinson.  I love that he plays rockin’ country music, but it’s not sappy sentimental pop bullshit, which is what the country genre has turned into (and thusly why they’ve been making terrible music for so many decades).  Unknown’s songs are funny, weird, and loud as hell.  In other words, it’s awesome.

Check him out here, http://unknownhinson.com/index.htm


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