Free Bizarro Fiction from Eric Mays!

Howdy, folks.  You probably know about hard times.  If you’re anything like me, you’re just about ready to accept prostitution as a way out of your fiscal troubles.  But not so fast!  I’ve got something that always cheers me up and will certainly cheer you up as well.  Eric Mays, my bizarro superfriend who is actually a twisted medical experiment fusing the undead flesh of William Shakespeare, Drew Carey, and a certain anatomical piece of the great John Holmes… has written free bizarro for you!  Hooray!  Eric’s story, “Nyuck Nyuck” is over on his blog (  If you like free bizarro (and you DO), head on over and check it out.

And while you’re at it, make sure you buy Eric’s NBAS novella, the excellent “Naked Metamorphosis”.  It’s the most absurd and entertaining take on Shakespeare I’ve ever read.  Get it here:


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