Bizarro Scribblin’s

So I was sitting here sketching out a few things for some ULTRA-SECRET-PROJECT-OF-BADASSERY and decided that you might like a peek at some of the weird images that go through my head on a daily basis.  Just click the link below for viewing.  And for future reference, get ready to see a lot more bizarro art from me.  I’m cooking up some crazy promotional art, a bizarro comic strip, and a whole new batch of alien action figures is on the assembly line as we speak…..



3 Responses to “Bizarro Scribblin’s”

  1. I love Jordan’s soul. I mean, I don’t LOVE his soul. I mean… His soul, as you represented it, is scary and evil, and PERFECT. I love your drawing of Jordan’s soul. (You know that somehow Krall is going to work it out so that he’s saying that I’m saying I love him. That fucker.)

    Cool stuff, my friend. My radioactive rat-giraffe gets TONS of interest. People (including myself) LOVE it. Thank you.

    Can’t wait for more to be born!

  2. E.D. Trimm Says:

    Ok…did you wander into a mushroom patch? That might explain it. Well Van Gogh saw things a bit differently too so you’re in good company!

  3. i like the whale teeth.

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