NM/CL Tourney: Headmaster vs Rosencrantz & Guildenstern

           The Wizch Headmaster would have been content to smear a courtier’s brains on the wall.  Alas, he was not facing a mere courtier who’s ambitions lay solely with serving others.  No, the Wizch Headmaster was facing Rosen Crantz and Guilden Stern, college friends of Prince Hamlet.  And they were known to be ninjas.

            A blast of power rose from the headmaster and the two ninjas leapt away from each other.  Sizing up the Wizch Headmaster was difficult.  Neither Rosen nor Guilden had faced a threat quite as unique as this.  Hell, neither Rosen nor Guilden were ninjas.  The costumes were a silly byproduct of Gertrude and Claudius’ silly royal shenanigans.  “Quake with fear, they will, when they see ninjas,” Claudius had said.  “It won’t matter if you can’t actually do ninja things.”

            And now death loomed over them.

            Another burst of power, this one slamming into Rosen, escaped from the headmaster’s hands.  Guilden raced to his partner, shedding his head wrap in the process.  Rosen winced in agony, but seemed to be somewhat clinging to the world of the living.

            “Guilden,” Rosen wheezed.

            “You bastard,” said Guilden, turning his gaze towards the headmaster.  “Have you no heart?”  The “ninja” leaned over and kissed his partner. 

            The headmaster was preparing another decisive blow, since both were together at the same time.  The sight, however, of the two lovers took the wizch by surprise and he averted his gaze, offering them a slight bit of privacy.  Wizch’s, though, are interesting creatures, as is well established.  The power was already surging, and as the headmaster covered his eyes, the blast of energy smashed into his head and melted his face.

Headmaster vs Ninjas


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