NM/CL Tourney: Puck vs the Se7en Dwarves

            The hobgoblin was hurtling through space and time, his watch gibbering and jabbering all the way.

            “Hell’s bells,” he said, as the space-time-continuum spit him onto the landscape.

            He jumped up and surveyed his surroundings.  It was odd, really.  According to the chirping of his watch, he was supposed to be answering a prayer.  Oddly, though, there was not a bended knee to be found.  Time travel is tricky business to be sure, but usually the odds were in his favor.

            “Um, hello,” Puck tried.

            “Um, hello,” someone or something echoed.

            “Oh, I see we’re trying to prank a prankster,” Puck said.  “Well, get ready for the fun, ‘cause it’s about to get right vicious.”

            “So you say,” the voice said again.  This time Puck could hear it.  It wasn’t a voice.  It was voices.  Seven to be exact.

            “What has seven voices and doesn’t want to be seen?  Sticks and stones, kids.  Come on out so that we can get on with this.  I’ve prayers to answer and hogs to feed.  Plus, I’ve got a lovely faerie waiting, so if we can get this going, I’d appreciate it.”

            There was a silence for a spell, then the voices returned.  “You cannot see us, but we see you.  We have the advantage here.  We are nothing, as far as you’re concerned.”

            “Finally,” said Puck.  “Thank the gods for that.  I was starting to worry.”

            The hobgoblin snapped his fingers and the countryside grew quiet.  The se7en dwarves that were lurking out of sight only moments before were no more.  Well, it dealing with time-travelling hobgoblins is a tricky sort of task.  It wasn’t that they were no more.  It was that they never were.  They’d said they were nothing, and Puck had made it so.

            Miles and miles away in a different world, author David W. Barbee’s brain buzzed like a bug lamp.  He was writing something about dwarves and then the words just left him.  He slapped his dome a few times, doodled a bit, but the tangent never came.  It was in that moment that Barbee decided he should smoke less pot.  Yeah, and pigs can fly.

Puck vs Dwarves


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