Review: Slub Glub in the Weird World of the Weeping Willows

This is my favorite Spunk Goblin book so far.  Andrew Goldfarb is a completely original dude.  From his music to his art to his writing, his work is like drinking a weird potion (or slow poison, if you will) that takes you into his weird and wondrous imagination.  It’s hard to describe his overall style, but that’s definitely a good thing.

Slub Glub is a character from Goldfarb’s “Ogner Stump” comic strip.  In this story, Slub Glub goes on a wild adventure through his strange world and beyond.  The plot is a simple folktale that also ponders the very nature of life itself.  And underneath it all is Goldfarb’s style, manifesting itself as a weird mixture of Uncle Remus and the Munsters.  It’s accessible to kids but still very intelligent and hyper-stylish.  In short, it’s a great read for all ages so start drinking Andrew Goldfarb’s slow poison as soon as possible.

Get it here:


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