David W Barbee’s official Free Comic Book Day Report

Well, Free Comic Book Day has come and gone.  And I have to tell ya, it was a blast.  I met a lot of cool people, sold copies of my books, and had an awesome time.  And in the chaos, I tried to get some pictures taken so I could report my authorly happenings onto you, the loyal fan.

I arrived at Comics Plus in Macon, GA at 11:00 am, raring to go.  My partner in crime was fellow author Karen Bembry.  Karen and I studied Creative Writing together at Mercer University and we joined forces on Free Comic Book Day to sell our books.  Karen is super-cool, plays LARP, and writes contemporary fantasy.  Her first novel, “A Knight’s Illusion,” can be found on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Knights-Illusion-Karen-Rena-Bembry/dp/1448657172/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1273005658&sr=8-1

There was a ton of people there.  And to make things even crazier, we had the Georgia Ghostbusters and our local 501st Stormtrooper Legion there.  The costumes were great, and I got to see a Stormtrooper with a prosthetic leg, which was just plain cool.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic of him.  But I did get a picture of Darth Nihilus reading “Star Wars: Legacy”

I was busy selling books, so thankfully my lovely wife Sonya showed up to take a pic of the Georgia Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1.  I wish I had a car this awesomely gangstalicious.

And speaking of which, I got to meet my local Ghostbusters, keeping Central GA safe from spooks, specters, and ghouls.  This is Mr. Chace Ambrose.  He has a bad-ass bounty hunter tattoo, but that didn’t stop him from getting slimed that day:

The store started slowing down around 3:00 pm.  I’d sold many books, but I craved food.  I sated my hunger at Ming’s Restaurant a few places down.  Afterwards, filled with Sesame Chicken and needing a nap, I chatted with all sorts of folks who hang out at comic book shops.  In other words, my kinda people!  Everyone was super nice and I made lots of new pals.  We talked about Care Cthulus, why the Ninja Turtles should’ve killed people, and why you can’t have a Green Lantern unless the Blue Lantern and the Yellow Lantern had nasty raunchy color-sex.

Around 7:00, exhausted and filled with Chinese food, I tapped out and left Comics Plus, hugging my new friends along the way.  I got home, let the dog out, sat down, and watched “Dragonball: Evolution,” a movie so terrible and campy that I had to watch the whole thing.  It’s the sort of quasi-martial arts movie that’s insanely corny and yet you can’t look away.  Plus I had some enhanced viewing.

The times were good.  I hope to do it again soon.  And I love Comics Plus.  This is a picture of me and the new Grand Pubah of Comics Plus, Will:

If you live in the Central GA area, go to Comics Plus.  What was once a hollow and lifeless store has become a Theatre of Awesome.  They’ve got everything you want/need to satisfy your dorkiest urges.  And if they don’t have it, they’ll GET IT!  Huge thanks to Will for making Free Comic Book Day into what it was.  You may notice him holding my out-of-print superhero novel, The Superior.  Well, the LAST TWO COPIES IN EXISTENCE now live at Comics Plus, so you know where to go if you want to see my first book ever.

You may also notice that I’m holding my new novella from Eraserhead Press, CARNAGELAND.  I sold Carnageland to folks of all shapes and sizes, which made me very happy.  But you don’t have to meet me in person to get Carnageland!  You can go to Amazon.com and tag, review, and BUY Carnageland at any time!  Just go here: http://www.amazon.com/Carnageland-David-W-Barbee/dp/1933929952/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1273006790&sr=1-1

And when you do these things, loyal reader, David W Barbee recognizes it.  Shoot me an e-mail about your quest to promote Carnageland and I will sign you up for future promotional exclusivities.  You may even get one of my custom-made alien action figures!  Big things are coming for the IDES OF MAY and also this summer.  Together we will make Carnageland into a juggernaut of bizarro alien invasion.  EARTHLINGS TREMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


David W Barbee, bizarro author bent on planetary conquest.


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