MORE praise for Carnageland!

Carnageland has been stomping its way through the reading world and has left many casualties behind.  More and more people have seen the spectacle of aliens vs fairy tales and here’s what they had to say about it:

“This novella kept me laughing non-stop and wanting more once the last page was read.  Barbee definitely has a promising future in the world of bizarro and I would recommend all libraries adding it to their collections for readers to enjoy.” –Monster Librarian


“This book is what you would get if you dropped your action figures into the rabbit hole. I see the only complaint is lack of character development, but I don’t know that I’d want more development from an alien with a bugle for a penis. This book is fun and cute and just as advertised.”  –Christy Leigh Stewart, author of Loath Letters


“From Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Hans Christian Andersen to modern fantasies such as The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter, David W. Barbee skews and sexualizes everybody’s favorite children stories into Bizarro madness.  This is a modern fairy tale, complete with a moral to be found hidden under the layers of carnage.” –JW Wargo, Your Friendly Counter-Counterculturalist.


“David Barbee showcases his talent in a tale that kept me turning the pages and chuckling delightfully.  For a reader as jaded as Rage, this fun Bizarro tale was a breath of fresh air.” –Reverend Steven Rage, author of You Morbid Westphal

“I really enjoyed the journey Mr. Barbee took me through on his first published novellette. What should you expect? Expect weird. Expect fun. Expect violence. Expect no apologies.”  –William Pauley III, author of DOOM MAGNETIC!

Huge thanks to all those weirdos for pimping Carnageland.  But wait, do YOU have something to say about Carnageland?  I love feedback, so write a review on Amazon here:  You can even buy a copy so you can review it afterwards!  Awesome!


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