COLORING CONTEST! Eric Mays and I offering you MORE free stuff!

The IDES OF MAY continue.  What that means is that Eric Mays and I are preparing in our bizarro crossover event.  And now you can enter a coloring contest to win a FREE copy of Carnageland or Naked Metamorphosis!

Here’s what you do:  Take any artwork from the Carnageland vs. Naked Metamorphosis crossover.  You can print it out or save it to your computer.  Then, get out your Sharpies, crayons, colored pencils, paint (or just use Photoshop or Microsoft Paint) to make that pic your own!  Express your own weird creativity and then email the results to

The best artwork will be shown on our blogs for the entire world to see!  And the winner of this coloring contest will recieve a personalized copy of either Carnageland or Naked Metamorphosis (your choice!).  S0 express your creativity and try to win some free bizarro in the process!

Here are some black & white pics just itching to be colored in:

Here are some PDFs: Hamlet vs Red Hood, 898 vs Polonius, Ninjerbread vs Alfred


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