REVIEW: Ultra Fuckers

Being named “Ultra Fuckers,” I expected this book to be all kinds of messed up, similar to CM3’s “Apeshit”.  But it’s more along the lines of Mellick’s totally awesome bizarro classic “The Menstruating Mall.”  Its absurdist horror mixed with social satire, this time aimed at the mechanical soul-crushery of suburbia.

The protagonist is Tony.  He and his girlfriend Tammy are driving into the suburb of Eagle Hills for a dinner date.  Their relationship is fleshed out fairly well given the fast pace of the book.  They’re dysfunctional in just the right places, and Mellick makes you feel for Tony, which is good considering how lost he becomes in Eagle Hills.  He’s separated from Tammy and learns that the suburb is actually a gigantic diabolical science experiment.

Mellick writes in the foreword that he’s a huge fan of Japanese culture and was also raised in the ultra-Southwestern Arizona suburbs that he’s satirizing here.  He’s mixed those two things together to create a very weird world inside Eagle Hills.  The constant Southwestern trappings and the Japanese punks Tony meets create a really strange clash that proves disorienting, violent, and creepy.  And despite the title, “Ultra Fuckers” isn’t really that vulgar.  There’s no ultraviolence or sex to be found.  It’s straight-up situational horror with a normal guy trying to overcome a physically (and morally) terrifying environment.  So if you enjoy horror-leaning bizarro, this is a must-have.

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