REVIEW: Zerostrata

While I haven’t read everything by Andersen Prunty, Zerostrata is so far my favorite.  It’s a weird fable for adults.  It’s a horror story that’s more like a love story.  It’s a love story that’s more like a horror story.  It really is just plain magical.

Prunty leading man, Hansel Nothing, is returning home to his supremely dysfunctional family.  He doesn’t know where he’s been but he definitely knows why he left home.  Hansel is kind of a blank slate, but that’s because this story is about discovery.  He’s a social outcast and I think most people can relate to his misery.  It’s no wonder he’s lonely.

Hansel meets Dr. Blast, who’s something like a human cartoon of insanity/wisdom, and returns to the one happy spot he’s ever known: his tree house called Zerostrata.  Through returning to Zerostrata, Hansel soon meets Gretel.  Usually I’m unfazed by “star-crossed lovers” in fiction, but Prunty really makes this relationship something special and unique.  Their romance always feels natural, even when the scenery around them becomes a surreal wonderland.

Zerostrata is filled with magical imagery and symbols of lost childhood and true love.  It’s bizarro fiction at its best, when it’s something you’ve never seen before and definitely weren’t expecting.  It’s an emotional and intelligent fairy tale romance, and proof of bizarro fiction’s range of weirdness.

Get it here:


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