REVIEW: Cannibals of Candyland

Almost all you need to know about Cannibals of Candyland is in its title.  Carlton Mellick III took a weird and interesting title and absolutely ran with it here.  It seems like a simple concept at first, but Mellick pushes it into brave new territory.  It’s fun because it lets us see what a Candyland world and its people would be like.  Then there’s the “Cannibal” part of the concept, and Mellick doesn’t hold back on that, either.

Franklin Pierce (named after one of our worst presidents), is another Mellick-style protagonist.  No one respects him (least of all his wife and mother-in-law).  He’s been traumatized by the candy people, which no one else believes exist.  He’s cybernetically upgraded his brain so he can be super-smart.  And he’s got a kitten.  Franklin’s on a mission to exterminate the candy people because when he was a child, he saw one kill and eat his three siblings.

That’s part of what makes Cannibals of Candyland so cool.  Mellick shows us the colorful candy world and its people, but he also shows the gut-wrenching horror of what those candy people do.  They murder small children, graphically, and they are unrepentant.  The roles of human and food are reversed here.  For the candy people its normal to eat humans.  That’s how they’ve evolved.  Franklin learns about all this as he’s held prisoner by Jujube, the very candy woman who killed his siblings all those years ago.

Franklin’s quest for revenge takes a twisted path.  He desperately wants to kill all the candy people, but first he has to escape Jujube.  His relationship with Jujube is utterly twisted and leads to many barriers being broken for both of them. They are simultaneously enemies and lovers.  Their relationship is forbidden, and they are destined to destroy one another with it.  The differences between the two (like their definition of what food is supposed to be) lead to some really extreme scenes.  Like I said, Carlton Mellick isn’t holding back here.  He’s written an extreme erotic cannibal horror story that happens to be about Candyland.  The horror is appropriately repulsive, and the descriptions of the candy textures, tastes, and smells really pull you into this strange sugary world, which only makes it all the more terrifying.

Get it here:


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