REVIEW: Sky Tongues

Gina Ranalli’s brand of bizarro is refreshing.  With all the poorly-executed genre fiction out there, it’s good to see a story that’s not only wickedly weird, but unflinchingly human.  Some scenes are very touching and heartfelt, and some are vulgar and brutal.  That’s because Gina Ranalli knows that even in a bizarro world of genetic freaks, the worst atrocities are the things that really happen in our everyday world.

The world of “Sky Tongues” is one of Mues, who are genetically different from humans due to the world’s pollution.  Some have weird skin or parts of themselves that are inside-out.  Our lead character, Sky, has tongues instead of fingers.  The story itself is written like an autobiography, where Sky relates her life to us from her perspective.  We see her childhood with an abusive family structure, her time as a teenage runaway, her personal quest to be an actor, and the creation of her own family.

It’s an interesting approach, and it never felt to me like a “True Hollywood Story”.  It was just an account of a person’s life, a person who just so happened to be an actor.  It’s a story about family, and it feels a bit more like a Lifetime movie (ironic, since Sky performs on a TV show that seems like a weird version of “Touched by an Angel”) than a scandalous tell-all.  But there’s just the right balance of drama and weirdness, and it’s always brutally honest.  Despite a few typos here and there, “Sky Tongues” has something frank and rebellious and downright passionate going for it, so do yourself a favor and check it out.

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