SNUFFTOONS! The sequel to Carnageland is now available for FREE!

Greetings, human swine!  You may know that my first novella, Carnageland, is about a little green alien invading a strange fairy tale world.  Some of you may have read the ungodly shenanigans within that book.  But what you may NOT know is that there are other stories featuring everyone’s favorite invader, 898.  Yes, there are other tales of 898’s adventures across the universe, invading more planets and encountering strange new life forms.  That’s right!  Carnageland was merely the beginning!  Now, you can read the next chapter of 898’s adventures in….


On perhaps his most important assignment yet, Invader 898 is sent to a planet populated entirely by wacky cartoons.  To execute this invasion, 898 must tame the most violent and insane natives he’s ever encountered, while also resisting new pleasures and temptations.  898 has become a seasoned invader over the years, but the cartoons present him with new challenges.  His Doomshooter is gone, he’s surrounded by maniacs, and for some reason, the toons are filming his every move.  The clock is ticking!  Can 898 complete his invasion while still bending the rules for the sake of his own debauchery?  Or will his career (and life) be formally terminated?  The answer lies in SNUFFTOONS!

And the best part?  It’s totally FREE.  I’ll be posting each chapter of Snufftoons on my blog ( for the duration of the month.  Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you will get absolutely FREE bizarro fiction starring my very own little green fascist.  Be a dear and share this news wherever you can, because everyone loves free stuff.  And if you like Snufftoons, make sure you check out 898’s very first invasion in CARNAGELAND, available through 

You can find Carnageland here:


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