Snufftoons, ch. 12

The little green alien impacted with the sidewalk and bounced into the air, leaving the run down borough of Happy Acres behind.  He soared through the sky, ricocheting off the giant toon buildings that picked their way through the cityscape.

When he finally landed, he found himself standing before a colossal cartoon mansion that bounced and swayed as if dancing to a happy tune.

The Mayor’s mansion.

Strangely enough, the streets surrounding the mansion were quiet and empty.  No toons walked the streets, no cars raced, and the buildings were quiet and still.  898 looked around and saw only two GI Johns, an Indian Chief and a Racecar Driver, filming him in the distance.

Every toon across the planet was watching the TV, waiting to see the invader’s next move.

A cartoon boy came riding down the quiet street on a bicycle.  He hurled rolled up newspapers at the buildings, some crashing through windows or into hedges.  The boy passed by 898 and lobbed a newspaper at him.

898 caught the paper in his hand.  It was rolled up into a tube, and the top of it opened like a mouth, exposing several square teeth.  A long tongue lolled out and the paper began to shout.  “EXTRA, EXTRA!  Bounty hunters fail to assassinate alien terrorist!  Mayor revokes Cobblestone’s reward on the invader’s head!”

898 smiled at the news.  He dropped the newspaper and started walking down the street towards the Mayor’s mansion.

But the newspaper wasn’t through with its headline.  “Mayor declares alien invader an enemy of the state!” it shouted, flopping around on the street like a fish out of water.  “By the Mayor’s order, all toon superheroes are hereby ordered to seek and destroy the invader!”

The talking newspaper hopped away into a sewer drain, laughing hysterically.  898 sighed as a legion of cartoon superheroes began to fill the sky above him.


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