Carnageland Day!

Oh yeah, you heard me.  I, David W Barbee, am officially declaring that September 11, 2010 is CARNAGELAND DAY!!!!  Why 9/11?  For the singular reason that it’s easy to remember!

What will CARNAGELAND DAY entail?  It entails YOU, beloved reader.  You may be asking yourself “Okay, what do I have to do?”  Well, I made a nice list of things people can do to help CARNAGELAND DAY be a success:

1) On 9/11, I’d like to execute a multi-pronged attack on AMAZON.COM.  I’d like everyone to buy a copy of Carnageland on or around Sept 11th.  If purchases for Carnageland suddenly spike, Amazon will promote Carnageland MORE, creating a snowball effect of sales, sales, sales.

2) But what if you’ve already bought Carnageland?  That’s okay!  You can buy a copy for your friend(s)!  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are coming up, and there’s no better holiday present for your best pals than some good old fashioned bizarro fiction (Remember: On Amazon you can get four copies of Carnageland for only the price of three, and with free shipping)

3) Still can’t shell out a little dough?  That’s okay!  The economy sucks, after all!  You can still provide TAGS and REVIEWS on Amazon to contribute to Carnageland Day!  These things are quick and very easy to do.

4) Tell your friends!  Surely you know a few peeps that haven’t experienced the awesome cartoony madness of Carnageland?  Spreading the word to your friends is EXTREMELY helpful!

5) Contact your local libraries and bookstores and tell them to order copies of Carnageland!  Call everybody from the corporate book giants to your favorite hole-in-the-wall used book store.  There’s nothing sadder than a library or book vendor without a copy of Carnageland!

6)  Post about Carnageland on your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or on your blog!  Also mention it on any message boards or forums you visit!  Say some good things about Carnageland and tell everyone about Carnageland Day on 9/11 and how they can help!

Okay, troops.  Now that you’re excited about helping a bizarro author take over the world, here’s something REALLY exciting:  PRIZES!  That’s right, folks, PRIZES!  When you help out Carnageland, just contact me (dwbarbee AT and tell me about your promotional exploits!  You could win tons of prizes like…….




And if you’re really lucky, you can win a place in the customized “898 KILLED ME!” series, a collection of artwork featuring everyone’s favorite little green alien straight-up murdering YOU in any way you can conceive!  So not only do you get to help CARNAGELAND, but I will personally thank you with awesome promotional stuff!

Remember, folks, 9/11 is CARNAGELAND DAY!  DON’T FORGET!

Carnageland is brought to you by the New Bizarro Author Series.  It’s got what plants crave.


3 Responses to “Carnageland Day!”

  1. i will do #6.

    if i can, i’ll do #1.

  2. You rule! Thanks!

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