Carnageland Day is HERE! WIN STUFF!

Bwahahaha!  The time has come!  Okay, so here’s the deal: today I want to short-circuit’s Carnageland page which will hopefully result in MORE SALES.  How do we do that?  Tags, reviews, and most importantly, purchases of Carnageland.

My internet connection is pretty crappy here in the sticks, but I’ll be updating my blog and taking Carnageland Day orders ALL DAY.  You’re getting free customized bizarro stuff when you buy Carnageland today, so make sure you make Carnageland part of this year’s 9/11!  I’m rewarding today’s purchases with bizarro action figures and a series of original art titled “898 Killed Me!” in which my NBAS brethren get merked by an alien!  Here’s the first action figure pic of the day.  You can WIN this bad boy with a purchase of Carnageland!

If you haven’t bought Carnageland yet, today’s the day!  Already bought it but you know someone who would LOVE Carnageland?  Tell them to buy it and take advantage of this offer!  Call up your local bookstores and libraries and tell them to order Carnageland.  Most importantly, make sure you contact me ( so you can tell me what you’ve done and enter the running for tons of prizes.  There are only NINE action figures and three “898 Killed Me!” drawings, so prizes are limited!  Let’s get busy!


3 Responses to “Carnageland Day is HERE! WIN STUFF!”

  1. i can’t right now, but i told other people to.

  2. hey, thanks! I appreciate that. All they’ve got to do is buy a copy (or help out in some sort of promotional way) and send me a message about it.

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