GRAND FINALE: Critterman

So here’s my plan.  I’m going to make an awesome grindhouse movie starring Kevin Shamel.  In honor of his first book, Rotten Little Animals, and his upcoming bizarro superhero story (nerdgasm!), Kevin would play an animal-powered crime fighter named CRITTERMAN.  With power over all sorts of weird animals, Critterman would stalk the back alleys of Citytown dispencing justice to murderers, rapists, crooks, creeps, and other assorted wrongdoers.

And Critterman would look like THIS:

Thanks to everybody who helped make Carnageland Day a success!  I’m tired!  I’m going to sleep or something!  G’NIGHT!*

*But of course, you can still head over to Amazon, purchase Carnageland, and enter to win prizes!  If you haven’t bought a copy of your own, you can still enter to win artwork, action figures, and other cool stuff!

Begin on the path to awesome prizes here:


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