Grand Opening of Comics Plus this SATURDAY

Before I say anything, I have to say THANKS again to everybody that helped make Carnageland Day a reality.  It worked out really well and that’s only because people got behind it.  So thanks to everybody who helped Carnageland, including you impulse buyers on Amazon who probably don’t even know who I am.  I love you perhaps most of all.

Coming right off the whirlwind that was Carnageland Day, this Saturday I’ll be diving headlong into the GRAND OPENING OF COMICS PLUS!!!  That’s right, Macon GA’s best comic shop has recently moved into a bad-ass new location with more room and most importantly more COOL STUFF.  So it’s only natural that I’m there pimping Carnageland and bizarro fiction to the eager masses.  Will, who is my own personal comic shop guy, has done a great job with the place so far.  Hopefully in the future he’ll let me spraypaint a mural on his gigantic back wall (I’m thinking Green Lantern fighting bad guys by using his power ring to create a green Robocop–LET ME DO IT, WILL!!!).  Check out Comics Plus’ website here:

And if I sell enough copies of Carnageland, I get to take my wife out on a much-deserved date.  so if you live in Central GA, make sure you get out on Saturday the 18th and come see me!  It’s gonna be crazy!


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