Review: Giantkiller

Giantkiller is what you’d get if you watched a few dozen kaiju movies while tripping on acid.  It’s Dan Brereton’s all-out homage to the genre of giant monsters destroying stuff.  It’s told in six parts, and the gist is that a comet has struck Mt Diablo in San Francisco, causing it to erupt and open a dimensional gateway.  Through that gateway come dozens of towering monsters, and they proceed to wreak havoc while the puny humans spend the next few years trying to find a way to stop them.

Their main weapon against the monsters becomes a genetically engineered human/monster hybrid named Yochu.  He’s nine feet tall, has a long lizard/scorpion tail, and wields a samurai sword in his quest to kill all the giants.  Yochu is a warrior born and bred, and his character is like that of a samurai, which adds to the book’s Asian flavor.  He even calls the scientist who created him “sensei”.

Beyond the basic coolness factor of the story concept, there’s Brereton’s artwork, which is some of the best in comics.  His painting has a unique style all his own.  Some elements are dark, macabre, or even gothic.  Then there are great eruptions of color and psychedelic intricacies in the monsters’ designs.  Brereton’s art brings together a strange mix of pulp horror and monster-fighting action.  Most of Brereton’s stuff is worth it for the art alone, but Giantkiller will definitely satisfy fans of the rampaging monster genre.

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