Garrett Cook in “Hayakawa Mystery Magazine”

Bizarro author Garrett Cook is one of those guys who probably lives in a rusty dumpster with just himself, a litter of pandas, and his superhuman intellect.  He’s a crazy bastard that might also be one of the smartest writers I know.  His work includes the deceptively awesome “Murderland” series, and the downright brilliant “Archelon Ranch” (also set for a sequel, from what I hear).  Both books are courtesy of Legueman Books, and both are really great reads, but Garrett has more tricks up his sleeves.

Garrett Cook is the creative father of Jimmy Plush, who with just a tiny bit of exposure has become my ultimate super-favorite teddy bear detective EVER (and yes, there are other teddy bear detectives out there–Jimmy Plush blows them all away).  “Mr Plush, Detective” first appeared in the Magazine of Bizarro Fiction, but soon its awesomeness broke the confines of the U.S.of A.  It recently appeared in “Hayakawa’s Mystery Magazine” a Japanese pulp crime mag of no small importance.

Why do I tell you this?  Because Garrett Cook blessed me with an actual copy of Hayakawa’s Mystery Magazine featuring “Mr Plush, Detective.”

A huge thanks to Garrett for my first piece of authentic Japanese literature.  I might just frame it.  And congrats as well, Garrett, for bringing your work to Japan, where it’s sure to be welcomed.  As for the rest of you puny humans, do yourself a favor and READ MORE GARRETT COOK!  It’s good bizarro and it’ll open your minds in weird ways you’ll never forget.  Check him out here:


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