This week, everyone will be counting their blessings, tolerating certain family members (you know the one), stuffing themselves with calories, and maybe watching a little football.  Ah yes, it’s THANKSGIVING time.  When we give thanks for all the little perks in our lives while massacring tasty birds and ramping up for a season of mindless consumerism.  I know, I sound like a dick.  But don’t worry.  Despite all this cynicism, I totally love Thanksgiving.  And on this particular Thanksgiving season, a trio of bizarros are sharing their love of the season as well.

ESCAPE FROM THANKSGIVING is a promotional extravaganza being put together by three very smart and talented bizarro writers.  During this week, you should buy, read, review, tag, and tell all your readerly friends about their new books, which form what I like to call a Holy Trinity of Holiday Hunger:

The first is Mykle Hansen’s THE CANNIBAL’S GUIDE TO ETHICAL LIVING, which argues that meat is murder unless it’s rich people, who make excellent and completely ethical food.

Second is David Agranoff’s THE VEGAN REVOLUTION… WITH ZOMBIES, where the downtrodden vegan is the only one safe from the zombie apocalypse.  By consuming the flesh of lower life forms, humanity becomes cursed with the undead hunger for brains!!!!  Except vegans, that is.

Rounding out the Holy Trinity of Holiday Hunger is Chris Genoa’s LICK YOUR NEIGHBOR, a satirical tale full of violence, action, and the true meaning of Thanksgiving.  Genoa is the kick-ass author of FOOP! and this is his highly anticipated follow up.  This guy is truly a mad genius.

So this Thanksgiving, try to use your time off from work to expand your mind with awesome bizarro fiction.  Take a moment to think about what (or who, or why) you’re eating.  Buy one (or all) of these tasty books and celebrate!


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