Good news!  Kick ass Kentuckian author William Pauley III has put out an anthology of weird and gruesome stories, and it’s called TOE TAGS 2: BLOOD & BIZARRO.  It’s got stories by Jordan Krall, Kevin Shamel, Andersen Prunty, and ME.  Head over to and trade money for it!

And while we’re on the subject, bizarro enthusiast and iron warlock Jonathan Moon has put out an anthology through Library of Horror Press.  It’s called HOUDINI GUT PUNCH and it’s got tons of bizarro horror for all your sick urges.  Get it here:

AND!  Keep an eye out for tons of weird books from Uncle Dave’s favorite foul-mouthed milf-chasing redheaded step-nephews Jordan Krall and William Pauley.  They’ll be machine-gunning weirdness in the next few months, and I expect it to be nothing less than beautifully badass.  Cheers, fellas.  Thanks to your advice I now have many rooms to call my own.


One Response to “TOE TAGS 2: BLOOD & BIZARRO”

  1. Thanks, Uncle Dave!!! 🙂

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