Review: Ballad of a Slow Poisoner

Andrew Goldfarb is what the smart folks like to call a Renaissance Man.  He’s an illustrator of comics, a musician in his own one-man-band, and a great writer capable of both prose and poetry.  And all of it comes with Goldfarb’s own style, which is hard to explain only because it’s so mind-blowingly original.  Goldfarb’s work is like Elvis Pressley meets Edgar Allan Poe, or maybe Mark Twain meets Tim Burton.  It’s folksy, dark, wise, silly, and thoroughly entertaining.

“The Ballad of a Slow Poisoner” is about Millford Mutterwurst, a simple man who finds himself overcome by strange ailments (flattening elbows, balding eyebrows, etc).  Millford is certain that he will wither away and die, so he takes a hot-air balloon across the sea along with sidekicks like Slub Glub (who is sort of like a Muppet made of chemical goo) and a translucent green monkey.  Millford also has to deal with his wife Edweena, who may have something to do with his weird ailments.  Then there’s his other wife, the sea (yes, Millford’s literally married to the sea).

Millford’s adventures naturally defy categorization.  “The Ballad of a Slow Poisoner” is something like a novella, but with micro-chapters, many of which take the form of songs.  There are eighty chapters in all, only a few of which go longer than a page.  The form lends itself to the story’s whimsical tone.  It’s simple bizarro that’s a real treat for all ages (which is hard to come by).  There’s nobody out there quite like Andrew Goldfarb, so do yourself a favor and pick up everything he has to offer, including this.

Get it here:


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