Review: King Scratch

King Scratch is dark noir from one of the weirdest minds in bizarro fiction.  Jordan Krall weaves a dark little tale surrounded with lewd atmosphere and deadly tension.  Jim is a lowlife courting a washed-up actress.  But he’s being followed by the weird masochist Black Boned Keith, who may also have someone else tailing him.  Their paths intersect, they meet extremely strange characters, and by the end blood is spilt.  It’s classic noir, but with all the nastiness we’ve come to expect from Krall.

Like Krall’s other tales, the story is coated in a film of seafood and bodily fluids.  But in King Scratch, Krall channels Lovecraft like never before.  Jim and Black Boned Keith go about their business, and their situations constantly worsen.  But there is a terrible sense of dread looming over everything that happens.  Details are spread throughout that give the events an apocalyptic weight.  Tiny perversities of the mind become colossal monuments of weirdness.

There are squid, there are feet, there is moonshine, and hiding behind it all is the specter of Abraham Lincoln.  There’s also really cool artwork by William Pauley III.  There are even three bonus Krall stories at the end.  Jordan Krall has come a long way as an author, and King Scratch is an ambitious piece of weird horror.  It comes recommended for fans of classic noir as well as fans of the weird.

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