Review: Welcome to Hoxford

Ben Templesmith’s artwork is dark, eerie, and fantastic.  He also tells a good horror story, and Welcome to Hoxford is his contribution to the werewolf genre.  In the foreword, he says that werewolves just don’t interest him, and I can see why.  Much like vampires, they’ve been boiled down to something that’s commercial and mainstream.  But thankfully, Templesmith wrote this story, and he makes his werewolves into truly gruesome and savage monsters.

Welcome to Hoxford is also a prison story.  The main characters are degenerate psychopaths that make the cast of Con Air look like pre-schoolers.  Among them is Ray Delgado, a brutal inmate who likes to bite people and has a whole smorgasbord of mental illnesses.  He’s half psychotic white trash, half classical god.  Hannibal Lecter meets Hercules.  Ray’s so crazy that it’s kind of scary, but in a really cool way.   He’s actually not surprised when werewolves start ripping people to shreds.

And Templesmith’s art brings the wolves to life in gruesome glory.  They are drawn like giant horse-demons, with mouths that swallow humans whole.  They rip and rend and send plenty of gore flying, just as a werewolf story should be.

Get it here:


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