Review: Starfish Girl

Athena Villaverde’s bizarro debut is weird, playful, and impressive.  It has the style of whimsical anime, similar to the films of Miyazaki, but there is also a grisly and horrific element.  It’s packed with lots of bloody action, grisly horror, and apocalyptic scenery.  The weirdness and the cuteness of it creates a weird blend that proves to be a really fun read.


The landscape is a vast underwater dome that has suffered a collapse.  The cities are run down and the scenery is wild and dangerous.  In this post apocalyptic setting, the people are slowly morphing into aquatic mutants, and before long everyone will degenerate into a mindless monster.  Enter the main characters, Ohime and Timbre.  They are on the run from a mad scientist and his mob of fish monsters.  Timbre is a cold-blooded assassin and Ohime is an innocent girl who may be the key to escaping the toxic dome.


They travel through the expansive dome, trying to escape and seeing many strange aquatic sights.  Villaverde has done a really great job building this world and filling it with all sorts of weird life forms.  It adds up to an action-adventure with heart and horror, sort of like Finding Nemo meets Bioshock.  There are awesome visuals on every page, and there is a lot of poetry to the characters and the plot.  It’s weird, violent, sexual, and just plain cool.


Get it here:


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