No Brains After Supper

Let’s get right to it!  This month!  APRIL!  I will be reading and reviewing ALL SEVEN of the latest batch of books from Eraserhead Press’s New Bizarro Author Series!  And not only will I be reading and reviewing these books, I will be encouraging all of YOU to buy any and all of these sick bastards’ books.  Sometimes with threats of violence.  Who knows.  And I’ll be choosing books totally at random, so check back here at my bloggedy blog to see what’s up at bat next.  As of now I’m almost through with BUCKET OF FACE by Eric Hendrixson.  Really great bizarro crime story.  Review coming soon.  As for me, I’ve finished the first draft of my next NOVEL!  There’s much more work to be done on it, but it’s a good feeling.  Because of that, and to bring my brain back up from the ungodly depths of novel-writing mode (I ate brains after supper–BOOM, callback), I’m helping my fellow authors by reading and talking about their books (the best form of promotion–which you, whoever you are reading this, can also do!).  So join Professor Barbee by the fireplace this month to talk about dinosaurs, objectophilia, and Michael Jackson.  It’ll be as much fun as reading from a computer screen can possibly be.




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