Update: Free Comic Book Day!

Howdy, pardners!  First, an update of status: I’m almost done reading “Felix and the Sacred Thor” and will have a review up tomorrowish.  The reading has been slow because I’ve been simultaneously writing a short story about… well, you’ll see (hopefully).

Secondly, I have some news of worth:  MAY SEVENTH IS FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!  Which means I’ll be at Comics Plus in Macon, GA signing copies of my book for innocent bystanders!  But I’ll also be selling my new batch of NBAS books as well!  By then I’ll have them all read and reviewed, so if any of these stories intrigue you (and they should!), come out and buy a copy.  So if you’re in the central GA area, come to Comics Plus and stop by my table.  You’ll be privileged enough to choose from a selection of really weird bizarro novellas, each at a low price guaranteed by ME.  I’ll even compliment your outfit.  And buying a copy allows you to punch me in the stomach free of charge.  There’s also going to be a moon bounce, video games, snacks, people in superhero costumes, and oh yeah, FREE COMICS.  Basically, it’s going to be all sorts of crazy good times and I hope you’ll come out and see us there!  SHABLAGOO!


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