Review: The Egg Said Nothing

This is a book with an egg in it.  An egg that says nothing throughout the entire story.  But that’s not all.  It is a book about romance.  It is a book about time travel.  It’s about one guy’s life destroying itself in a temporal paradox.  It’s sort of like Back to the Future, but rated R and with way better twists and turns.  It begins with Manny, a weird and slightly unbalanced shut-in who wakes up with a large egg between his thighs.  After that things get really weird.

A strange guy with a shovel begins stalking though Manny’s apartment building looking for him.  He gets disturbing phone calls urging him to destroy his egg.  And perhaps weirdest of all, Manny starts seeing a nice waitress named Ashley and they begin a relationship that is functional and beneficial to both of them.  On the whole things seem to be looking up for Manny, but you know that can’t last.  Sooner or later the egg will hatch (if it doesn’t get broken) and reveal its mysterious purpose.  Manny doesn’t know what the egg means, but it can’t be all that bad, can it?

It can.  When the egg breaks, Manny’s entire history gets shuffled around.  It turns out he and Ashley have a really significant future ahead of them, but according to Manny’s future self, that future can’t be allowed to happen.  What follows is utter chaos and bedlam as Manny tries to reset the timeline and put things right even as they continue to get worse.  Caris O’Malley does a great job of setting up his character in the first half of the book and then unleashing madcap time travel shenanigans in the second half.  Future and past versions of Manny start popping up, each one trying to right the timeline with a swing of a bloody shovel.  It gets downright ridiculous but that’s part of the fun.  The Egg Said Nothing is a bizarro tale about the absurdity of manipulating time, and like all great time travel stories, you will enjoy putting the various pieces together in their proper order (whatever that may be).  The story is carefully layered and rewards multiple readings.  It will pull at your heartstrings and clang on your funny bone with a shovel.

Get it here:

One more NBASer to go!  Nicole Cushing’s HOW TO EAT FRIED FURRIES will be next.  And remember, I’ll be selling these books and signing copies of my NBAS novella, CARNAGELAND, this Saturday at Comics Plus for Free Comic Book Day.  Take to the streets and get some weird fiction along with your free comics!


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