Review: How to Eat Fried Furries

Is it a novel?  Is it a collection of short stories?  Is it rambling madness thrown at the page from a sick and twisted mind?  Nicole Cushing’s “How to Eat Fried Furries” is none of the above.  And all of the above.  It’s a novella that acts like a variety show, with kaleidoscopic scenes of bizarro narrative and thoughtful dissertations on things that may or may not have existed.  As Cushing explains early on, it’s a bit like Monty Python’s Flying Circus, but in book form.

In fact, “How to Eat Fried Furries” begins with several author’s notes, prefaces, and prologues.  There’s no traditional story going on, but nonetheless you feel like you’re being pulled into a surreal rabbit hole and your guide on this journey is fantastically insane.  Cushing goes on strange and silly monologues about the business of farming Furries, an old 70’s television show, the evil conspiracies of the Amish, sadistic religious whackjobs, and evil squirrels.  Some chapters are speeches, some seem like public service announcements, and some are recipes on how to cook and eat Furries.

My favorite part was the “Ferret Force Five” segment, sort of a cross between Alvin and the Chipmunks and Charlie’s Angels.  It technically didn’t even have an ending, but that’s the brilliance of this book.  It won’t go where you expect, and it damn well won’t apologize.  It’s silliness for silliness’ sake, which, if we’re all being honest, is the best sort of silliness there is.  A Flying Circus in book form is an ambitious idea, and Nicole Cushing pulls it off with a steady hand and a firm voice.

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That’s it for the new batch of NBAS’ers.  I sold most of my copies at Free Comic Book Day.  Make sure you support these new authors by buying, reading, and reviewing any of these seven terrific novellas.  Well, I’m off to work a story about selling drugs to fish people in an  underwater city.  It’s a story that’s been kicking my ass lately, but now and then it’s good for one of your stories to wrestle you for dominance.  Keeps a writer on his toes, so to speak.  Till next time, you weirdo.


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