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Howdy, folks.  There have been quite a lot of reviews on my site lately, and while we all love talking about the nuances of weird literature, it occurred to me today that the unwashed masses of the internet might appreciate something a little more personal.  A fireside chat, if you will.  This is my blog, after all, my portal into your homes and minds, where I can inform and entertain you with my literary shenanigans.  There’s plenty to talk about, so let’s get started….



The mad geniuses over at Eraserhead Press have started what is basically a fan club for people who enjoy bizarro and weird fiction.  But it’s not just any fan club.  It’s run by my best pal Kevin “Rotten Little Animals” Shamel, and he’s cooked up a lot of cool plans for world domination and incentives for those who join the Brigade.  Fun Fact: Shamel went through boot camp himself as a youngster.  If you sign up with the Bizarro Brigade, you’ll be privy to all sorts of cool stuff including FREE BOOKS, which are always awesome.  If you sign up now, you’ll get “Starfish Girl” by Athena Villaverde, which is a really cool undersea adventure blending horror and cuteness.  I love that book.  In the Brigade, you’ll be encouraged to review books and help promote bizarro fiction, which will help you “level up” in the ranks and earn MORE FREE BOOKS and other cool stuff.  Here is the insignia of the Brigade, which will soon be spray painted on an abandoned warehouse near your town:

Pretty cool.  It was designed by the Slow Poisoner (also known as artist/musician/author/entertainer Andrew Goldfarb).  If you want to join the Bizarro Brigade, just send an email to with “ENLISTMENT” in the subject.  You’ll start out on the level of “grunt” but with a book review you can level up and perhaps someday become a grand master of the budding bizarro army!



This is something I’m VERY excited about.  LegumeMan Books, the Australian horror/bizarro publisher run by the one and only Matthew Revert (the “t” is silent, kids) is publishing a novelization of an old Aussie cult film.  Oz has quite a tradition of creating whacked out movies that are very grindhouse-like (for more on that, check here:  But that’s not all.   “The Last Motel” has an insane story behind its creation.   The movie was misunderstood by most when it came out and fell into obscurity thanks to an extremely limited release.  But one dedicated die-hard fan, Bret McBean, loved the movie so much he wrote a novelization with the blessing of the filmmaker.  A copy of the actual film is so rare as to be possibly nonexistent–hopefully the book will encourage someone with an old VHS tape to step forward.  The whole story of this horrific piece of cult film history can be found here: .  And speaking of VHS, the psychos at LegumeMan have created one of the coolest damn book covers I’ve ever seen (along with William Pauley’s NES cover to “The Brothers Crunk”).  Take a look.

If you’re a fan of horror at all, then you love this.  It’s a given.  I know I love this cover.  And I love the story behind the creation of this book.  It’s inspiring, actually.  This book makes me giddy with excitement and it’s a sign that LegumeMan has not yet begun to kick ass.  Can’t wait to buy it, hopefully at BizarroCon this November.



Yes!  John Skipp’s pet project is back with another fundraising campaign.  You know as well as I do that independent films are where the truly groundbreaking ideas happen (most of the time, at least).  Rose is one of those projects.  It’s weird, funny, scary, cute, and just looks like it’s going to be a blast.  It’s been described as “Pee Wee’s Playhouse meets Night of the Living Dead.”   Mssr. Skipp would like to have this bad boy ready to go for HALLOWEEN this year, but he needs donations.  This is an indie project and it’s being created for, with, and by the fans.  Everybody on this project is raring to go and the movie’s ready to be made.  They just need some capital to build Rose’s crazy puppet world.


More info on Rose can be found here:  And to donate to the cause, just head over to Kickstarter  There are cool trailers to watch, and if you’re careful you might catch a glimpse of a zombified Cody Goodfellow, fellow author of the weird and close personal buddy of mine.



That’s right!  I’m making it official right here and now!  My novel A TOWN CALLED SUCKHOLE will soon be released by Eraserhead Press.  It’s my first novel with Eraserhead and I can’t be more happy about it.  I’m working hard on it right now (or at least, as soon as I’m done with this blog post).  A TOWN CALLED SUCKHOLE is a weird Southern Gothic with a strong bizarro leaning, like Sling Blade was mixed with Blade Runner.  I’m making huge plans for this book’s release, so stay tuned.


Well, now that my blog musings are done, I guess it’s back to work.  Stay frosty, everybody.  Shablagoo!


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  1. Not that the rest of your posts are garbage, but this is a good one.

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