Book Reviewmageddon

Hey, kids.  You know, here at my blog I try to be like a big furry muppetman who talks to you about books and encourages all of you to enjoy the magic and wonder of reading.  And the books we talk about here at Uncle Dave’s Bookworm Hovel are usually damned interesting.  But… I’m said to say… those days are coming to an end.


I will no longer be able to review the books I read and talk about them here with you.  Oh, I’ll miss those days.  I would write a review of whatever I was reading at the time, and you–whoever and wherever you are–would read it.  Good times.  But damn it, I’ve got a big fat redneck baby about to be born outta my skull, and there are preparations to be made.  A gospel that I must spread so that all may buy my next book A TOWN CALLED SUCKHOLE and feel the glory therein.


But that just means that this here blog will open up to all sorts of new territory.  Without reviews, I will be supplying NEWER and BETTER content for your viewing enjoyment.  And I’ll still be encouraging you to read more weird stuff, especially my new novel, A TOWN CALLED SUCKHOLE.  And to prove that I’m not a total douche, I’ve reposted several of my bizarro book reviews on the British and Canadian Amazon sites.  That’s right, my maniacal reach spans continents now.


I’ve also caught up my reviews on GOODREADS (sorry, goodreads users, but they blocked you at my work and I had less opportunity to post there).  I’ll keep my bookshelves updated more often, so check my GR profile if you want to see what I’ve been reading.


Thanks so much for understanding, folks.  Oh, and there will be ONE book I review on here before I’m COMPLETELY done, because I told the author(s) I would do so.  I’m a quarter through it, and it’s awesome.


Till next time, come back to Uncle Dave’s Blog Hovel for more totally fucked up stuff.


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