Get more WEIRD for less

So I’m holding a special offer for A TOWN CALLED SUCKHOLE.  The economy still sucks, so it’s important for consumers of the weird to get the most out of their dollar.  Naturally, I’m not the only author out here hocking my fiction in a ridiculous super-cool deal, so I want to spread the word on some other offers you should take advantage of.  And I really mean SHOULD, because I did.  That’s right, I’m not just telling you to blindly buy shit.  I’m a user, too.

Strange Aeons is holding a sale on all the issues of their magazine and a few of their special editions.  One of these was “Wet Nurse,” which has a woman breastfeeding a Cthulu baby on the cover.  It’s by Mike Dubisch and the cover art alone made me NEED it.  I got “Wet Nurse” and two back issues for around 25.00, which is a damn fine deal.  Strange Aeons is sort of like what Heavy Metal magazine would be if it were cooler and more Lovecraft-oriented.  Needless to say I’m very happy with what I got.  Head to their site and take advantage of the sale.  There’s plenty of blood, tentacles, and boobies to be had:

The other deal happening right now is at Dark Regions Press.  They have something like a hundred different books for up to %50 off.  I stumbled upon this the other day and I’ll be taking advantage of it for one single book:  “Voices from Punktown”, by Jeffrey Thomas.  I haven’t read a Punktown book in a while, so I’ve been craving this specific book lately.  Lo and behold it’s now %50 off.  Thomas’ Punktown novels/stories are some of the best weird fiction on the market, in my humble opinion, but there’s tons more horror from Dark Regions:

And you can always (until September 15th, at least) get a special edition of A Town Called Suckhole from me.  Get more weird for less!


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