Full Metal Orgasm (I’m all up inside it!)

You like porn?  Of course you do.  You’re on the internet.  Everybody on the internet likes porn.  Well, I wrote a weird pornographic story that’s been accepted in Full Metal Orgasm, an e-magazine of sexpunk fiction.  What is sexpunk?  Sort of like an erotic and weird version of cyberpunk, full of twisted and depraved perversions in fiction form.


Issue 2 of Full Metal Orgasm features my story “Oedipoid Complex.”  I could tell you what it’s about, but instead I’ll simply ask you to think dirty thoughts and then rest assured that I wrote something dirtier.  Plus there’s artwork and a ton of other stories featuring robots, monsters, aliens, etc. engaged in all manner of space-age debauchery.  As a bizarro author, I’m very proud to be in this magazine.  So go to amazon.com, get yourself a copy (for just 3.99!), and proceed to getting your cyberfreak on.



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