What I Got for Xmas

Usually for Christmas I ask my wife for books. I do this because Santa isn’t real, so my wife and I perform Santa’s duties for one another. As always, she delivered. And since any book worth giving to me in wrapping paper is worth promoting on my blog, I’d like to show off this year’s batch. She outdid herself, and that’s saying a lot since she got me We3 last year.


Perhaps you’ll notice that the top two books AREN’T books. That’s because I love Adult Swim, and so should you. Maybe next year the fifth season of Venture Brothers will be out.

Next down is Wolverine: Old Man Logan. I prefer my superhero comics to have some distance from official continuity. I love the X-Men but I can’t fucking keep up with that soap opera anymore. This one’s set in a possible apocalyptic future with the most popular mutant  of all Eastwooding his way through the wreckage. The world is similar to the old Age of Apocalypse saga, but telling a smaller and tighter story. The art’s good and Millar’s writing isn’t so bad. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it’s damn fun.

Beneath that is Naughty and Nice, which is FULL of beautiful women drawn by Bruce Timm. Basically, the guy who designed Batman: the Animated Series drew a few hundred pages of gorgeous pinups, heroines, and femme fatales. I had to have it.

Then there’s Spaceman. I haven’t read it yet but it’s one of my most anticipated comics of 2012. The team who did 100 Bullets creating a post apocalyptic scifi quest for humanity… count me in. I’m getting more hardcover comics these days. Flex Mentallo will likely come next.

At the bottom is the only novel in my books (I’m pretty stocked up on novels and collections as it is), Railsea by China Mieville. He’s one of my favorite authors, writing weird books that tend to blend scifi and fantasy into something a little too strange to be called either. I think he’s classified as “New Weird” but I don’t read much of that besides Mieville himself. Anyway, this one is a weird reimagining of Moby Dick, except they’re on an endless network of rails instead of an ocean. And it’s a giant mole instead of a whale. I don’t care who you are, that’s cool.

I encourage all of you to check these books out. One of these days I’ll document my entire book collection for all the internet to see, but it’s not quite there yet. My obsessive compulsive curating demands more time. But as long as the mutant offspring of Ebeneezer Scrooge and the Grinch doesn’t swoop in and steal our Christmas, I’ll post at the end of every year about the books I got. Hey, at least it’s not another top ten list, right? Check back next year (unless, of course, The Sgroonch finds and rapes me into holiday oblivion) to see what kind of weird shit I get then.


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