The time is NOW! I’m excited to tell you that Thunderpussy can now be purchased at Amazon.com! The creation of this book was even weirder than the book itself. It’s a spy story in the James Bond tradition, but filtered through an insane American guy like me. So head to Amazon and get a copy (for local GA readers, I’ll have copies at Comics Plus and the Golden Bough ASAP). Here’s the cover and description:

When it comes to high-tech global espionage, only one man has the balls to save humanity from the world’s most powerful bastards. His libido is legendary and his mustache once killed a man. He’s Declan Magpie Bruce, Agent 00X.

And when every other spy is perforated, it’s up to him to stop a maniacal genius bent on destroying the planet. To do so, he’ll navigate a deadly gauntlet of kung fu Rastafarians, freakish henchmen, velociraptor ladies, and the most dangerous pussy in the world. There will be secrets and seduction, luxury and lunacy, and a beautiful French jewel thief who could kick Declan Bruce’s arse with her eyes closed.

Thunderpussy is a bizarro cyberspy thriller that’ll fry every microchip the government secretly implanted in your brain.


2 Responses to “Available Now: THUNDERPUSSY”

  1. Amazon all out of stock 😦 any chance this will ever see e-book??

  2. Amazon’s only out of stock FOR NOW. Don’t worry, you can still order it and it’ll be sent to you when more are printed. I’m hoping that the problem is a matter of not being able to print enough copies to keep up with orders. That would be sweet. Nevertheless, everyone will get served.

    There’s a very good chance that Thunderpussy and A Town Called Suckhole will one day enter the ebook realm, but I’m not sure when. Rumor has it that Eraserhead Press (my publisher) will be putting out more ebooks this year, since they’ve slowed down on it in 2012.

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