SPIES LIKE WE, vol 1: Bond vs Bruce

Today marks the DVD release of Skyfall, and to celebrate this blog is kicking off a special series focusing on the spy genre. The benefits will be twofold:  we will explore and appreciate the various spies that have saved the world… and also see how they stack up against Declan Bruce, aka Agent 00X, star of Thunderpussy. I created Declan Bruce to be the perfect protagonist for the perfect spy story, but can he compete with the highest standard of the genre, James Bond?


BIOGRAPHY: Daniel Craig’s version of the character has become the perfect amalgam of all previous Bonds. He has the primal charisma of Sean Connery but steers clear of his casual arrogance. He is as romantic and debonair as Roger Moore, but not as aloof or aristocratic. It’s a fine balance to strike, one that Craig pulls off well and that Declan Bruce gently imitates. The similarities are striking, but while Craig’s Bond is the spy of modern times… Declan Bruce is the spy of the future.


TACTICS: Craig’s Bond loves to chase people. He will crash through walls and flip his car to pursue you. With a firearm (seen above) he will shoot to kill without hesitation. If his mission involves killing or obtaining your person, consider yourself quite fucked. Bond’s objectives are determined by MI6, the best in British intelligence. On the other hand, Declan Bruce’s loyalties do not lie with a single nation. Bruce is employed by Ze State, a cadre of insane movie star robots. Like Bond, Bruce does their bidding with little question, and will smash through any number of walls to achieve his ends. Unlike Bond, his missions tend to stop making sense after the first or second car crash. Nevertheless, Agent 00X plows forward, defying logic and propriety with violence and sex.

STYLE: Daniel Craig’s 007 is rarely given to gizmos and gadgetry. Instead he prefers to smash through his opponents with sheer force. Gadgets used in past Bond films are certainly cool. But they’re too convenient at times, deflecting attacks with too little effort on Bond’s part. Declan Bruce possesses a few gadgets, in the form of his opticoil and suitbot, which allow him to change his appearance and survey his surroundings. But for kicking ass, Bruce relies on his fists and feet. He’s even been known to bite the enemy in more grueling fights.


COULD 00X KICK HIS ARSE? Yes, and I’m afraid with little difficulty. Bond may be a cold and remorseless killer capable of withstanding great amounts of pain and torture, but Declan Bruce has been training to be a spy since he was five. Agent 00X is proficient in dozens of fighting styles and martial arts and is a ruthless combatant, often seeking out violence and mayhem simply as a means of expressing himself. Out of all the spies to be featured here, Bond is the most similar to Bruce, but even with every version of the character (even James Bond Jr.) teamed up against him, Declan Bruce would emerge victorious. He’s fought dinosaur ladies and a gigantic dwarf, after all.

This was a close comparison, but SPIES LIKE WE will continue into more unconventional territory, examining agents such as Danger Mouse and Inspector Gadget, who may prove to be even more similar to Declan Bruce than his human counterpart. Stay tuned.


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