Thunderpussy @ ManArchy Magazine

Gabino Iglesias is one of the most well-read people on the planet. The sheer number of books he reads (not to mention reviews) makes me feel like I watch too much fucking TV. Luckily he’s one of the good guys. Gabino reviewed my last book in The Austin Post, and now he’s reviewed Thunderpussy at ManArchy Magazine. I truly can’t think of a better place for Thunderpussy to shine, as ManArchy is a haven for pulpy neo-noir fiction with a masculine bent. Declan Magpie Bruce is nothing if not masculine, and I’m thrilled that his transcredible exploits have been reviewed there. Click here to read all about it.

And huge thanks go out to Gabino Iglesias. While you’re buying Thunderpussy, make sure to check out his book Gutmouth. Both are named after mutated body parts. Weird.



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