Praise for the upcoming THE NIGHT’S NEON FANGS

My next book will be a collection of three novellas, the title story of which is THE NIGHT’S NEON FANGS. This story came about through Eraserhead’s pitch-a-palooza contest, where a ton of bizarro authors pitched as many weird book ideas as they could. This was my successful entry, a story about an electric werewolf in a world where it rains mummies. If that doesn’t seem weird enough, it started out with a character who had dolphins for arms and legs. Well, after cutting out the dolphins and writing the thing, I sent out THE NIGHT’S NEON FANGS to some authors I respect and admire a great deal. One of them, Stephen Graham Jones, already responded with some very kind words:

“In my worst nightmares, the werewolves have these glowing fangs. David Barbee takes that about twenty steps farther, in here. Now I’ve got new nightmares. Better nightmares.”

If you don’t know Stephen Graham Jones, you should fix that. He rules. He’s a connoisseur of horror and has written a ton of brilliant books like “The Last Final Girl,” “Zombie Bake-Off,” and “It Came From Del Rio,” just to name a few. I’m monumentally grateful to him for these kind words, and hopefully you’ll be able to see them on the cover of THE NIGHT’S NEON FANGS soon. It might end up looking something like this: 



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