Game of Thrones Art: A Zone of Zombies

The fourth season of Game of Thrones just ended and it was a great season. But now we’re stuck with the annual ten months of Not Game of Thrones, the reality we live in when the best show ever isn’t on. I hate that reality. So to deal with Thrones Withdrawal, I created some art. Originally the plan was to make white walkers of the show’s dead characters, but that wound up messing with the color scheme. Plus, no blood, and there must be blood. So I made them zombies. And I made them in MSPaint, which might just be my favorite way to draw these days. Here they are:

I started with Oberyn Martell, because you start with awesome.


Then I made Ned Stark, the show’s first big soul-shattering death.


And for the final episode I did Tywin Lannister, fresh from the privy.


There were others I wanted to draw (like Ygritte, Joffrey, Maester Luwin, and Qhorin Halfhand), but I’ve got books to write and flights to book. Let these pieces remind you of how awesome season four was. Game of Thrones really does get better with each season, and let us pray that it stays that way. That goes double for the books. Hear that, George R. R. Martin? Please don’t Dark Tower your readers. Please.


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