See My Shelf, See My Shelf, Made from Alien and Elf.

Bizarro Central has a feature called “Show Me Your Shelves” where authors are interviewed by the great Gabino Iglesias and encouraged to show off their personal collection of literature. Some have a small collection, others a vast menagerie, but the fun part is that each author’s books say a lot about them. And since it features bizarro authors, the most interesting people on the planet, browsing these shelves is always a fun time.

Now it’s my turn. Gabino has interviewed me and gotten a hold of some sexy pics of my bookshelves. I take great pride in these shelves and these pics are ALREADY out of date, as more books are being added to it all the time. I’m kind of an addict. For example, I’ve added City Kaiju by Marc Rapacz, and I have a few more books on the way, like The Lost Level by Brian Keene, Skullcrack City by Jeremy Robert Johnson, and the first two volumes of Black Science from Image Comics. Very excited to have all of those in my clutches. My collection of books and comics is growing like Akira and I freaking love it.

See the interview and pics here


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