Read Me on Kindle (FINALLY!)

I’m old fashioned. I read paperbacks and shit. But a lot of you out there are all about that new technology, and that’s okay too. I’ve been hesitant to put my work on the Kindle because of my high-waisted pants and comb-over hairdo, but now that’s all changing. This guy gets it:

Pompeii Portrait of Menander 70 CE  with a Kindle Fire

I’m branching out these days, and having THE NIGHT’S NEON FANGS on all your Kindles is part of that. So now it’s available. So get it and read it! And review it! If Night’s Neon Fangs does well on the Kindle I promise that I will seriously consider taking the stick out of my ass and releasing my previous two books, A TOWN CALLED SUCKHOLE and THUNDERPUSSY, on Kindle as well. I’m looking forward to seeing how this experiment works. Get some Barbee on your Kindle and you’ll get MORE Barbee on your Kindle in the future. Happy reading.

Get the Kindle version of THE NIGHT’S NEON FANGS here


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