Barbee and Bizarro @ World Horror Con

World Horror Con was held about two weeks ago, and since I can’t afford a plane ticket right now, it was nice of them to hold it in Atlanta so that I could just drive up for a day. I’ve been going to more conventions lately, and this one was a great experience, full of new people in a hotel that looks like an alien spaceship. Because I have a baby, I could only dedicate one day to the con, but what a day it was.


That’s me at the Mass Author Signing with John Skipp and Scott Cole. Both are really cool guys and I had a shitload of fun hanging out with both of them. Sharing our bizarro table (but unseen here) were Adam Cesare, Brian Killian, Erik Williams, and Ryan Harding. Look up all these people and read their fucked up books! Speaking of that, I met the nicest person in the world, Molly Tanzer (author of Vermillion) and the coolest person in the world, Josh Malerman (author of Bird Box). They both bought my book, The Night’s Neon Fangs, because they are nice cool people. Make sure you check out their stuff, also.


I also got to man the Eraserhead/Deadite table and sell books. That was awesome. I talked to the guy manning the Samhain table next to mine, ate some gourmet bologna, and took a nap on Brian Keene’s The Rising.


And I met Daniel Knauf, creator of Carnivale (one of my favorite cancelled-too-soon TV shows). That motherfucker is crazy, and not just because he hugs and kisses Jeff Burk. I got to compliment his dashing good looks and watch him do some verbal sparring with some Atlanta riffraff, because that motherfucker is classy as well as crazy.


I signed books, I talked on a panel, I met a ton of great people. Now it’s almost closing time at my job and I have to get off the computer, so gigantic thanks to World Horror Con and all the authors I met. I had a great time and I love every deranged one of you.


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