Imagine a mountain. It’s made out of mashed potatoes, because it’s a weird mountain. And every so often ten faces are carved into this mashed potato mountain and smothered in color-coded gravy. That’s what just happened to me, because I’m in the current Bizarro Starter Kit.


The Starter Kits are one of those things that I love about the bizarro genre. They’re compilations of ten bizarro authors, containing novellas, short stories, poetry, or even comic strips, representing various flavors of weirdness. So you get a real taste of the current crop of bizarro at an extremely reasonable price in an extremely cool and unique format.

This is the fourth Starter Kit, the Red one. It includes work from amazing people like Brian Allen Carr, Violet LeVoit, Shane McKenzie, J. David Osborne, Kirsten Alene, Robert Devereaux, Douglas Hackle, Eric Hendrixson, and Nick Antosca. That’s an insane list of talent right there, and I’m ecstatic to be included, especially since there are a ton of great weird writers on the scene these days. I feel like someone took the time to carve my smirking face into a mountain along with all of these other great people and then covered us all in red-gravy-that-might-also-be-blood.

Check out the Bizarro Starter Kit (Red) at Amazon.


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